Need Help Getting a 10, New Player Looking for Help
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  1. Need Help Getting a 10, New Player Looking for Help

    Alright, I am going to use details and timelines because this isnt an opportunity that comes up often.

    About a week ago I met this 10. I was sitting on my porch and she was being consoled by her guy friend. I don't know why. I knew him so when they walked out of my house I said Hi and introduced myself to her complimented her dress but not her. She seemed curious and mentioned she was here earlier at our wet and wild day ( I live in a Fraternity house). She is around a bit and at another occasion caught her glancing at me most the night before she left and she called me over to play flip cup. Didn't see her or make contact for a few days after that and I added her on facebook. She commented me and had a back and forth, facebook chat. She saw me this weekend and I acted like I didn't see her bullshitted with my buddy. She snuck up behind me and punched me in the arm I turned gave her a hug and she had to leave with her friends. She made fun of me last week and this weekend about not tailgating our football games (it was playful negging and hinting that she was disappointed in not seeing me). She initiated conversation online a few times and after a few times I initiated. I'll be seeing her this weekend and most conversation is her joking around with me or me negging her.

    I am just wondering if I have something or am I just wishful thinking, I guess only I can know that but... I am looking for any advice possible. Shes a cool chick and a 10 so its a jackpot. I am carrying out what i can I think I am past the attract phase and basically midway to almost done comfort building since shes approaching me, playful teasing, playful punching,etc. Until I get some good advice I' going to keep letting her initiating and being a mild douche. Read the game, did some research, reading the mystery method, I await your guys advice.

  2. She's interested and attracted to you. I'd recommend starting to (using the MM term) move into the comfort phase about now, sprinkling in a bit of attraction here and there.

  3. will do il kick up the kino and follow the other steps that mm suggest if im simply number and date closing do i do it in the comfort zone or do i wait till S1?

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    shes definitly into too. But shes a 10, so dont be upset about other guys in her life, or get mad if she flakes you. just make sure your alpha game is strong.

    With any 10 you cannot care from the beginning if you lose them. Also you cannot wait for ever to make the k-close with a 10. you have to k-close early and not wait a couple of dates. If you do it will end badly and she will move on.

    good luck!

  5. my alpha game is mediocre depends on how strong the other amog is i live in a frat house so a lot of amogs here are loud and redic, any anti amog tips? and when should i number close? ill be seeing her this weekend definately should i just initiate some more kino, throw a nice compliment? i guess right now ill check for some more IOIs if i get a few more IOIs ill try to number close this weekend

  6. i do photography, how do u guys think a nice compliment and a request to be in some of my photos would go over with an HB10

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    Control the frame. Initiate the Kino. Push/Pull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTorches View Post
    i do photography, how do u guys think a nice compliment and a request to be in some of my photos would go over with an HB10
    first, kudos to you for attracting HB10...

    for number close, get engaged in a somewhat meaningful conversation, but then you've suddenly got to go (for some valid reason)... tell her you're enjoying the conversation and would like to continue it at a later time... hand her your cell phone and tell her to enter her number, and you'll get back to her...

    also, be really careful about asking her to be in your photos... that could come across as creepy... i'd probably wait til you know her a little... i think a good approach to this would be to have her visit you sometime... let her be comfortable in your common room(s) first... then tell her you want to show her some of your photography - which will only be available on your computer in your bed room... and your bedroom better not have any chairs in there then once she's seen some of your work, you could throw out the idea that it would be fun to do some wacky photo shoot...

    good luck, man... let us know how it goes!

  9. it was a complete accident, wasn't going for it at first and kinda ignored her which i guess is like an aphrodesiac, i had her HB10 friend last halloween rub her pussy on my leg but i was pledging and had like strict orders and couldnt do anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTorches View Post
    i do photography, how do u guys think a nice compliment and a request to be in some of my photos would go over with an HB10
    I'd have to agree with the other guy that said that would be creepy. First thing i'd have you do would be next time you see her (if your still talking to her) do the kino trick that I do. Which is where I say something about her hands looking good. Then she'll say "that's nice" or something of the sort then that when you grab her hands and act like your a hand reader, and make a abosurd readings saying something along the lines of " I can tell you like get your picture taken alot and you've really never had a professional do it, and your just dying for me to take a picture of you and make you the most popular girl in all of XXX (name of school your at)."

    Then when she's all excited about getting her picture taken by you you look at your watch and say "oh look at the time, we'll have to do this some other time. *Hand her your phone and tell her you'll give her a jingle when you can for a makeup for the photo shoot.

    Ryan L.

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