Braddock & The Don Strippers & Hired Guns - LA, July 2009

First things first, I want to just say right from the getgo that if you are someone who is in to trying to pick up hot strippers (or any strippers for that matter) you are going to fucking love this seminar. You will get some serious gold from taking this class. I can say with confidence that your success rate will grow exponentially after diving deep into this topic with Braddock or The Don.

My story's kind of funny because I never really had a lot of desire to focus a lot of effort into learning stripper game. It just wasn't as important to me as some of the other material for my goals and what i'm trying to accomplish. I pretty much only signed up for the strippers/hired guns seminar because i was already taking the inner game and SCM seminar that same weekend in LA. I figured what the hell, I might as well check this one out too while i'm here, right?. So i did, and I obviously was still very intrigued to learn about this particular niche of game and was looking forward to it

Well it ended up being an awesome seminar. It had me hooked the entire time with all of its useful info. I actually even became extremely motivated to get out there and game strippers after it, haha! It's a really unique style of game that is very tailored to its target, and if you are into picking up strippers i don't see how there is anyway you can be really good at it without taking this seminar.

That being said, i think the biggest nugget i got from this seminar was something compltely unintentional but something i found invaluable. Bare with me a moment and i'll explain: In this seminar The Don and Braddock happened to cover a good deal of stripper mentality and why some of the fucked up shit that works actually works when gaming these types of girls. And I began to see a lot of parrallels with stripper mentality and the mentaily of those super hot chicks types (not necessarily strippers) that are just kind of (for lack of a better word) "fucked in the head". I'm sure we all know who i'm talking about here: they are a total pain in the ass and honestly a lil crazy but still so fucking hot that you can't help but want them (not necessarily as an LTR but to date casually and fuck). Well i know a couple of those types in my social circle that i have always not been able to figure out. And unsurprisingly a lot the stuff they discussed in the stripper game seminar was extremely helpful for gaming those types of girls. So to me this seminar was like adding a huge weapon to my arsenault, and i'm real glad i took it.

Lastly in this seminar (and to some this might be the most valuable part , you will also learn how to game hired guns (bartenders, waitresses, etc.) This is again a slightly different style of game. They did a great job covering how to run some solid games on these chicks who are in the spotlight 24/7 getting hit on by tons of guys every day and how to do it with the minimal time slots you are allowed with these broads due to their circumstances at work. I personally have had somewhat good success with hired guns before taking this seminar, and it was pretty neat to see it all reverse engineered and come to understand why some of my tactics worked and why others didnt.

all in all, this is a seminar i think everyone in the game should take at least once. That being said, if you are heavily interested in picking up strippers or hired guns, then you really can't afford to not to take this seminar. get your ass in gear and go!