5 Reasons Why You Want to Learn How to Pick up a Stripper to Improve Your Game

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    5 Reasons Why You Want to Learn How to Pick up a Stripper to Improve Your Game

    Picking up exotic dancers (ďstrippersĒ) at strip clubs are the hardest girls you will ever pick up. These gorgeous girls are there to work and make money. They are not there to meet a guy. These hired guns are aware that every guy in the strip club wants them. It is one skill set to take a beautiful woman home from a bar or club, but totally another skill set to pick up a stripper while she is working. You need tighter game and your margin for error with strippers is almost zero. Itís required to have really good cold approach game before you even want to try to pick up an exotic dancer at a strip club. Stripper game takes cold approach skills times ten.

    If you can pick up an exotic dancer at a strip club, you can pick up girls anywhere. Learning how to pick up a stripper is a valuable skill set and will complement your game in many areas. Here are 5 reasons why you want to learn stripper game in order to improve your cold approach game.

    1. Get comfortable around beautiful women.
    A lot of guys have no problem approaching average or good looking girls, but when that 9 or 10 comes along they freeze. Itís because they arenít comfortable being around exceptionally beautiful women. If you are around beautiful women all the time you will desensitize yourself from their beauty. You will learn that hot girls are no different from normal girls. You will stop putting them on a pedestal and you will never think again that ďshe is out of your league.Ē Sometimes it takes dating a couple really hot girls to discover this. If you havenít yet, your best option is to surround yourself with really beautiful women all the time and through osmosis pick up the subtle cues.

    The thing is, exceptionally beautiful women are hard to find. Getting access to these turbo girls is the hardest part. You need to be around a lot of beautiful women to learn how they think and act. Fortunately, strip clubs are open 7 days/week and filled with the hottest girls with a wide variety of girls your city has to offer.

    When youíre in the strip club, it looks like you have the power. You sit down and wait for a hot girl to approach you. You get what you see. That smoking hot girl that is half naked will sit on your lap, touch you and have a conversation with you. When she leaves, the next hot half naked girl will approach you. If you go plenty of times to strip clubs then eventually you will get used having hot girls around you. Plus, once you have good game and start dating a couple of them you will learn that these girls are just like any other girl. Just because they are exotic dancers doesnít mean anything to you anymore. She is just another pretty girl. Subsequently, every hot girl now you approach will sense through your subcommunications that you have been around hot girls like her. That automatically makes you look confident and she will automatically assume positive traits about you (preselection).

    2. Test of your conversational and frame control skills.
    Stripper game focuses a lot on verbal communication. Your body language and subcommunications are still very important, but your conversation becomes more important in stripper game than normal cold approach game. You are seated with her on your lap or she is seated next to you. As soon you start talking the clock starts ticking. You need to be able to steer the conversation to your advantage and escalate verbally along the way. You need to disengage her mind that she is in the strip club to make money by having a good and interesting conversation. Time and money are your biggest enemies in a strip club.

    Exotic dancers have no tolerance for bullshit. If they can sense youíre not going to fork over the money, theyíre gone. So they will test your frame and break it as soon as they can. They donít want to waste time so they will test you a lot. If you flinch or fail the test (you get no chance to recover from failure with strippers) you lose and she is off to the next guy. Thatís why your margin for error with exotic dancers is so small because their tolerance level is so low. Itís your job to maintain control of the conversation and donít let her hijack your frame and conversation. Remember, these girls are gamers. They game you for money and you are gaming a gamer. Itís the clash of titans and the one with the stronger frame wins. You better be the one with the stronger frame. Practicing frame control techniques is great in strip clubs because these girls will constantly test you for it. The Don, a god when it comes to picking up strippers, summarizes it in one sentence: ďYou might be $60 an hour interesting, but are you $200 an hour interesting?Ē

    3. Makes your attraction game diverse and fluid.
    Getting girls attracted to you is not very hard. Anyone who has done over a couple hundred approaches can even tell you this. Attraction can be generated in seconds, but with strippers this is a lot harder and you need all three types of attraction effectively used. Mr M dissected the different types of attraction in his post The Comprehensive Guide to Attraction. For the sake of this article, we will focus on three types of attraction: state based, intrigue based, and warm and fuzzy attraction. Most guys can get away with either being really good at just one of these types of attraction. Some guys are naturally good at being funny and silly (state based), others can be very interesting and mysterious (intrigue based), while some guys can also show, besides their masculine traits, their softer side (warm and fuzzy).

    In order to successfully pick up a stripper, you need to be able to do all of them multiple times throughout the pickup. In cold approach you might get away with just being with building one type of attraction, but that doesnít work with strippers. You need to be able to pump up her emotions (state based), get her logical mind engaged (intrigue based), and make her feel connected to you on a deeper level (warm and fuzzy) all mixed with each other and fluidly transition between them. When you can make an exotic dancer attracted to you, thatís a good barometer of how strong your attraction game is. You are able to use all three types of attraction to make any girl feel attracted you. Before you might have gotten away by just utilizing one type of attraction, but after you learn stripper game you can use all three types of attraction building techniques to make virtually any girl attracted to you.

    4. Really good qualification.
    You came to the strip club to see some tits and ass. These girls are aware of that as soon you step in the strip club. They know already that you like them for their beauty. Every guy does. To successfully pick up a stripper you need to show her that you donít like her just for her beauty, but also for personality and other non-physical characteristics. This is very difficult because youíre going into their territory where men generally are going after the women for just their beauty and body. At the same time thatís their power but you have to flip the script where you are the sexual selector. You do this by running VERY GOOD qualification and giving her compliments that make her feel validated. Remember, qualification is key for building good rapport and comfort with her. Without qualification, she wonít feel validated by you nor invested in you. Qualification for exotic dancers is not much different, but it needs to be tighter.

    Strippers get compliments on their beauty all the time but never for non-physical characteristics, like their personality, sense of humor, ambitions, beliefs, and so on. Itís not good enough to show her that you like her for non-physical things. Itís necessary, but not sufficient. You really need to hit her hard on different personality characteristics in order for an exotic dancer feel validated by you and to make her invest in you. By getting her invested in you she will backwards rationalize that sheís attracted to you (cognitive dissonance) and you open the door for building comfort with her. If you can do this with strippers, you can do it to any girl and it will be even more powerful.

    5. Solid comfort game.
    Building an emotional connection is essential for exotic dancers and the majority part of stripper game is going to be comfort game. This is different from night game where you donít always have to have a strong emotional connection and the majority is attraction game. For picking up strippers you need regular comfort game but it has be tight, flow, and make her feel so connected that she almost is crying because of the rollercoaster of emotions she is feeling. Itís regular comfort game on steroids.

    Even though these girls are among the hottest girls in your city, you have to remember they are just like any girl. They have insecurities, are sick of being judged, misunderstood, and guys just wanting them for their body. Plus other annoyances every hot girl has. If you can show her that you understand her by running wide and deep rapport then she will feel strongly connected to you and validated. That emotional connection has to be really strong because strippers are among the flakiest people you will ever meet. You thought that hot club girl was flaky? Multiply that times ten with strippers.

    One thing you need to keep in mind with stripper game is this: SILENCE IS DEATH. That goes back to having good conversational skills. If you let the conversation die for just a little bit, she will get back to her routine trying to get money from you. Youíll need to be able to talk, talk, talk, and talk. If you canít run your mouth for long periods of time, you will not be able to pick up a stripper. That doesnít mean you can just rant. You have to talk to her that is emotionally appealing and that makes her feel connected to you unlike any guy she has ever met.

    In a cold approach setting you can wander off, reopen later, do hard takeaways and all that. With strippers, not so much. As soon you two are talking, youíll have to get to work by continually running your mouth. That doesnít mean that she canít say anything back or that itís a monologue, but the main idea is that the conversation can NEVER die. You need to build this particular skill set. This immensely helps your game for on dates. In a stripper pick up you constantly need to be talking but on a date you can slow it down while running the same comfort game to make her feel connected and validated by you. Ever since I acquired this comfort game, Iíve been able to sleep with a majority of girls on the first date.

    Are you discouraged learning stripper game? Donít be intimidated by stripper game because itís actually easy to learn. I learned it in a short span of time, but I definitely credit this by taking the Strippers and Hired Guns seminar by Braddock and The Don. They teach you a model for picking up strippers so you can learn it step-by-step and you will know that to do. They will also give you material you can use so you know what to say and when to say it. Now I regularly date strippers which are perfect for friends with benefits relationships (thatís what I want right now in my life). I credit my stripper game 100% on that seminar. If you want to learn how to pick up strippers, definitely check it out.

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  2. I have been thinking about doing this actually, but the problem is can one go alone? (friends I have really isn't going be able to come with me) or would that come off as creepy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aa6972 View Post
    I have been thinking about doing this actually, but the problem is can one go alone? (friends I have really isn't going be able to come with me) or would that come off as creepy?
    No such thing as creepy. Creepy is just a girl neg for a guy who stands around not talking. Frame it as, gunslinger, lone wolf, lion etc.

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    This is the toughest game on the field.

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    But how do you even have to act when you're alone in this situation? How do you have to deal with all the weird/creepy people looking at you thinking "What is that guy doing here?"

  6. Going alone can actually make you seem less creppy if you know what to do. Often men visit strip clubs in huge gaggles and none of them will get the same attention you can get going alone, and for a few simple reasons. They're invariably going to compete with each other, one throwing the most cash around to be the bigshot, another posturing like the toughest badass in the place, another constantly preening, while there's the token loser who gets too drunk and makes an ass out of himself and the inexperienced virgin making the whole scene awkward. A lot of the girls working there get sick of these herds of uncouth losers and will be more than welcoming to the self-valuing gentleman who calmly walks in by himself without putting on the typical stripclub airs. There is not always safety in numbers.

    Walk with confidence when you enter and when you sit down. Then just be cool about it when a girl approaches you. I play around with stripper game whenever my mood and pocketbook are in agreement, and I almost always go alone. It's a good environment because I know the girls are there primarily for the money & this never escapes my mind, not even when it's going really well with one of them. I'll put on my most flattering threads, swagger in like I think I own the place, sit down at the bar & order a drink. I'll gaze lazily at the stage if I like the girl who's dancing on it, and I'll just chill if not. I don't look around like a wolf stalking prey & I don't show entitlement or expectations. Be subtle and chill & you'll actually stand out from the crowd. A strip club on a busy night is filled with young college punks, gang bangers, Jersey Shore reject posers, and all other manner of douchebag including the real creepers. All of these men will be fixated on the dancers and vying hard for their attention. Be the exact opposite, cool as a cucumber, and the girls will notice this.

    Having a unique look will help, if you have a good fashion sense. I tend to dress in all black, with leather shoes, bell-bottom jeans, a vest over varying style of shirt, and an aussie style bush hat. When it's cold I wear a long duster over the top of it all. Couple this with my waist-length bronze colored hair and you could say I look extremely unique, but I pull it off because it's unusual without being ridiculous. It's also rugged and classy at the same time. The whole combo alludes to an air of mystery which I play up as much as I can. This look is mine though and won't work for just anyone. The trick to this is to find a look that works for you and go with it,

    This usually gets one or more of the girls to approach me. If I like her I'll engage her, if not then I'll very politely play a little shy with her & she usually gets the message and moves on. When one approaches that I like, which is most of the time, I'll just talk to her like I would anyone else. Take whatever she offers but don't act entitled. If she offers you something you're not sure you can afford that night, just be honest about the current thickness of your wallet. Some women may bail at this revelation. Let them go. There are others. If she's into you she won't care and she will probably appreciate your honesty and sometimes even accomodate you anyway. She may even like you more for it as you've shown her that you respect what she does and you've spent time just talking to her with no garrantees of any play. Being cool about being a little broke can also show confidence. It tells her that you value yourself regardless of that bullshit standard. I only make about 20k-yr so I can't just go out and blow shitloads of money on strippers. I often walk into a place with only $100 or even less which is chump change in the stripper world, but this doesn't seem to matter. Many of the girls I meet will stay with me until the club closes, sometimes giving dances (or other services) and sometimes just talking even though they could be making more money with one of the other guys there. They almost always ask for my digits and will often text me asking when me when I'll be back. Sometimes they even invite me to see them outside the club. This wouldn't be happening if I came off as creepy.

  7. It's actually quite simple to not be creepy. First of all, don't ask girls for creepy sexual things. You'd be surprised what guys say to the girls in a strip club and the bar on "creepy" can actually be higher there than outside.

    But to really seem cool, don't just stand around. Approach a girl. It is the easiest approach you will ever do because she will never reject you right away. By approaching and being fun (not creepy sexual) you have already separated yourself from 99% of the guys who go in there, most of whom can't carry on an interesting or fun conversation with a girl even after she approaches him and puts in 90% of the efffort. It doesn't matter if you are actually attracted to her. Now talk to the girl, joke around, have fun with it. While you're doing that, indirect open another girl, tease her a little bit, and merge her into the set. She may be a little reluctant to join your little party because stripper etiquette is not to intrude when one girl is talking to a guy. But if you are all having fun you can pull this off. If one girl avoids joining, just try again.

    Now you have a little party going, keep up with the teasing, joking, etc. everyone is having fun and the other girls will notice. Some of them are all business and won't be interested. Others will be bored or lonely and they will either join the party or approach you later. Given the preselection you are demonstrating, you may get obvious attraction right away. If not build it. Those are the girls you want. Find one you are attracted to, run the usual progression model without being too sexual (i.e. don't be creepy). Throw in a few DHV/social proof stories about how you have dated strippers, maybe a false DQ about how you really shouldn't date strippers any more, etc. Isolate, bounce (or if necessary time bridge), and have fun.

    Sometimes you will get bad sets that don't hook, so just excuse yourself and try again. If its a big club you might try moving to another club, act like you just got there, but not a big deal either way.

    All of this assumes you know how to avoid the girls turning the set back into a sales pitch. That's also not that hard. If you are interesting and entertaining, often she won't bother. If she does, treat it like a shit test. Ignore, use humor, and/or amplify to absurdity. Then tease her about it or do a takeaway.
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  8. Completely agree. When I started out PUA I initially started out in strip clubs. Girls everywhere, always wanting to talk - great way to improve your routines too.

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    The problem is that if you characterize one type of girl as a "stripper' and another as "normal" you have already lost. Just take her seriously and treat her as a person and actually try to get to know her and everything else will fall into place naturally. Just trying to pick her up for sex? Just ask straight up. "I know you have been working hard for the last 8 hours but I thought that maybe on your day off you and I could go out to a nice dinner?" I've never been told no.

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