Santa Barbara / Goleta / Isla Vista
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    Santa Barbara / Goleta / Isla Vista

    Hey I've been doing PU for a few years now here in SB. I'm a local, and go out to Isla Vista since I'm not 21 yet (I'm 20 right now, 21 in April 2010). I don't check here much anymore, but I'm in need of a new wing / wings. UCSB / SBCC etc.

    I'm a low pressure dude that won't push you into sets - unless that's what you want, I do / have done lots of approaches (probably 3000+ total). I just got out of a 9 month relationship, so I'm back in the game.


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    Hey Brian, I'm 19, in IV as well, always looking for someone to talk to about PUA/ Always looking for someone to sarge with. Hit me up if you're interested!

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    21 living on DP

    hey brian, the post is a bit old but of your still interested in sarging msg me. Ive been practicing my game for about a year or so.

  4. What up faint. My ex chick lives in IV and I never got to game proper while I was there. I want to, whats good in the hood??

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    IV is ok for game, i feel social circle stuff is more important in the IV scene. still fun tho. Ive beeen putting in my time downtown, its much more suited for night game.

  6. new to pua, but i would like to meet people up and practicing the game. pm me if you would like to go out and practicing.

  7. yoo, i just moved to isla vista two weeks ago, hit me up if you wanna party one of these weekends

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