Does this girl just want to fuck?
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  1. Does this girl just want to fuck?

    So I had to work at another location for my job for a few days this week. I was on top of my shit, most of the girls were smiling at me and making little playful comments. However, I was talking to one girl and we had some good chemistry and she was showing signs of being interested (kept coming back to the break room to talk with me, being nervous, those deer in the headlight eyes) so I finish up, clock out, and stop by her area. I make a joke and say, 'let me get your number'. No hesitation, she even starts to look for a pen and I tell her i'll just put in my phone. I send her a quick message on the way to my car and then continue on with stuff I have to do. She txt me right away but I waited till I was home.

    We send some playful txts back and forth. She keeps responding, 'your funny', and calling me playful names like dork. After a little back and forth, I send a message like this: 'Let me be straight up with you. I think your hella cute and you seem like you got your shit together. You should come out with me this weekend." No response after that. Cool, I guess I'm still in A3 or need to work more on comfort.

    So after my day off, I come in and smile at her first thing with a nod and a simple good morning. I don't see her again for a few hours. When I do, it's on my way to get something and she tells me she needs to talk to me. I say ok cool, and get on with work. Lunch time, I'm headed to the break room. She spots me and calls me over. I talk to her for a minute but her boss is coming, so I tell her to come take a break when she gets a chance. She does. We talk about random bullshit because there was someone else in the room, and i'm not trying to be obvious in front of her co-workers.

    End of her shift, she says bye in passing while i'm super busy. About an hour later I send the following: 'My last day here and you don't give me a hug or a card or a present or anything?'

    She responds with 'I thought you were working here one more day?'. I say nope, today was the last day. She says, 'Ok well take care'. I respond 'That's it? Your just gunna leave it with that?' She says she wanted to tell me she is married and has been for 3 years. I say oh, that's too bad. Well we can be friends though. Her exact response: 'Yea of course, that we can be. I just kinda wanted to let you know my status cool. Then we can b pals'.

    Ok, what the hell is going on with this girl? She's flirting, giving me her number, then at the last minute tells me shes married. She doesn't wear a ring at work, she says it's job related which I can understand, I lost a ring once. But why the hell would she give me her number?

    I'm thinking she just wants a fuck buddy cause her man ain't giving it to her anymore. Oddly enough, i'll turn down a girl who has a boyfriend and a baby with him because I don't want to be the guy responsible for breaking up this kids parents, but I have no problems doing a married girl, assuming it's just for sex. Is she telling me she's married so she can use retarded chick logic? (Well I told him i'm married, it's his fault!)

    Any advice or insight would be great, as well as how can I tell her we can be friends with benefits without being so blunt about it.

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    Ok a few things, im going to be critical and not tell you lies about how much you're “in” with this girl because this is meant to help you not give you false hopes, dont think im being harsh ok .

    It’s not bad to flirt when you are married its perfectly fine, because she flirts with you doesnt mean she wants to fuck you. Girls flirt to feel good, I don’t know maybe it helps them know after being with some one for 3 years they can still get other guys. She doesnt wear a ring because of work that’s also a very acceptable excuse. She gave you her number friends do this all the time right? Now im pretty sure they are the reasons you think she wants to fuck you right? Sure they are IOI’s she’s probably interested in you, doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you.

    How can you think she just wants to fuck you when she has pretty much blatantly told you the opposite, (dude she’s pretty much just LJBF’s you) If a wife that’s sexually frustrated wants you to fuck, then trust me you would know about it because she would probably be very direct with you about it. Also you have used direct game and she has not wanted a bar of it and then wanted to tell you she has a partner and you’re getting the wrong idea? It’s probably because you think she wants to fuck you and she probably doesn’t!

    Now for the good news.

    Don’t worry about her not wanting to fuck you because it sounds like you’re still in attraction of course she doesn’t want to fuck you, girls usually don’t unless you are into seduction! If you think you can move into a day2 and close her then just do it and see how you go? Its like any other day 2.

    All the best, Topss

  3. I agree with Topss that just because she flirted with you doesn't mean she wanted to fuck you. You assumed a sexual frame that wasn't there and that's why she ljbf'd you so bluntly ("we need to talk" is never, ever, ever a good sign). Then with all that "don't I get a hug" shit you AFCed out completely and killed what little attraction may have been left.

    You could have kept it light and playful, baited her, kept simmering the attraction.
    You could have thrown qualifiers and compliance tests. (You had nothing to base your assumption she wanted to fuck you on).
    You could have heard the alarm bells in her "we need to talk" frame and found a way to steal, de-rail or squash it.

    Fraid that's about the best I can offer right now

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