Girl With Boyfriend??
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  1. Girl With Boyfriend??

    Hey theres this girl i know who recently took an interest in me. She started texting me and being very flirtatious when im with her. Telling me how funny i am and trying to touch me whenever she has the opportunity. Also she starting inviting me places and really insisting that i come. The one problem is that she has a boyfriend. I know that she has cheated on him in the past and i know that they fight a lot but i dont know what to do in this situation. There are times when i am with the both of them hanging out...its no problem for me to make myself look much better than him since hes kind of a mellow guy. I like being around her and i know she likes me but im getting sick of not being able to go to the next step. Does anyone know what i should do? thanks in advance.

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    Well, are you ok with cheating on the guy?

    I personally wouldn't, but that's me. Different people think different ways.

    If that's not an issue, just game normally. If you do it right, the boyfriend won't even come up.

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    It just depends like what GilBeford said on your view.

    If you really like the girl just continue what you are doing and 1. She will eventually break up with her boy to be with you. Or 2. She will cheat and be with two different guys. Or 3. She will cheat and then break up with her boy later.

    What do you want?

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