What mistakes did I make with this one?

Hey guys my first post here, been trying to improve my skills and see what mistakes I've been making. I've got a situation where I'm not sure what to do next/ where I could have tightened up my game. Sorry this is kinda long but I don't know how much info you guys need to help me out so I'll give what I remember.

I met a girl last night at this trivia night game night at a local bar. I opened the girl I was after by teasing about her cheating because she and her female cousin were on the blackberry googling the answer to the question when I went up to the bar to get a drink. I talked to her for probably 10 minutes just joking around with her and finding out more about her, she was laughing and I got a bunch of IOIs from her (ones I picked up on were smiling, playing with hair, laughing at my jokes, ignoring her cousin, leaving her seat at the bar to stand face to face with me, touching my arm/shoulder/chest a bunch). She asked about me, I gave her a couple of quick touches (1-2 sec) on the arm and small of the back during the convo but nothing major. The next question was read and I jokingly told her I had to get back to my buddies because we weren't cheating and actually had to figure it out. Few minutes later she leaves her seat at the bar and approaches me at my table with my four friends, presses her breasts against my shoulder/back with an arm around my other shoulder from behind me and jokes about "did we get the question right blah blah," I talk to her for a bit and she goes back to the bar with her friend.

I went back over to her and her cousin to see what place they were in and gave them shit for cheating and still losing to a team called "Tards." At some point in the conversation the cousin asks how old I am. I answered 21 (still in college) just out of habit but then immediately realized I had jumped through a hoop by not making her guess. Both of them were 24 and teachers and I had known that from earlier. They go into the "oh what do you do" bullshit and I just told them the truth going for a masters in biochemistry. A couple of minutes later I told her I had to get going, I used "it was nice meeting you we should go out sometime, put your number in" while handing her my phone and she gave me her #, I gave her a hug goodnight and left. My buddy is 26 and knows more about this shit than I do, and he told me to shoot her a quick text like 5 mins after we left about the game to tease her and so she had my number. Hereís the texts:

Me: hey its nick, my buddy just told me that we had 53 points so we are gonna have to stoop to your level and google next time
Her: hahaha yeah it has its advantages. As long as u can get past the morals of it. Or lack thereof
Me: weíre just going to sit next to the girl taking the answers and steal them all, might as well go all out haha. Have a good night at least tard didnít win
Her: wahoo! Haha im going to bed in like 2. goodnight
1 PM next day:
Her: Hey im pretty sure I was sending you the wrong msg. Im seeing someone so while I think youíre really nice and everything I just wanted to let u know that.
Me: Hey its cool it wouldnít work out between us im leaving in a week. It was fun talking to you though maybe Iíll win the next trivia night before then
Her: OK nice. Where u going?
Me: Back to umass for my masters, starts on the 8th
Her: Ahh I see. Thought u meant u were going away somewhereÖlike not an hour away haha (I donít really know wtf shes talking about here guys hahah)
Me: Haha nope, as in wont be back until December
Her: Ahhh
Iím not sure what happened here but Iím kinda thinking itís my age but it could be other stuff that I didnít catch. Could I have done stuff differently to prevent her from flaking? Is this even a flake out? Iíll still probably call her and ask her out just for practice, let me know what you guys think, thanks.