08.25.09 From Feeling Shitty To Feeling Like Fifty(Bucks)
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    08.25.09 From Feeling Shitty To Feeling Like Fifty(Bucks)

    So this is another day game report. Ever since the university came back in session, there are literally alot of beautiful girls walking around the streets near my job. So I always make it a habit to go out sarging during my lunch break and after work. However, today...I was having a bad day today. It was hard for me to really muster up the right feelings to get out there. I didn't anything at lunch break and was ready to just go home.

    However, towards the end of the day, I was feeling a wee bit better so I decided to go out. I wanted to go direct again on a girl that I really felt attracted to. As I walked down the sidewalk, there were a few potentials but I didn't open any of them. After a good walk, I sat down at a nearby bench to catch a quick break and dry my sweat off. As I look into the distance, there was this really hot 9 walking up. She was crossing the street and in my direction.

    She was about 5'7, shoulder length dark brown hair, sexy eyes, nice tan skin, sporting a white tee, sandals, and blue short shorts that stopped at her upper thigh. IF THAT DIDN'T MAKE ME WANT TO OPEN HER, NOTHING WILL! I waited for her to walk past, as soon as she did, I grabbed my bookbag and followed her. I had to muster up the confidence to walk up from behind, tap her shoulder and open. Part of the problem was, I wasn't walking fast enough to catch up to her and the longer I wasted time, the more my AA was growing. When I finally began to catch up to tap her shoulder, she looked over her shoulder, saw me, but than looked right back ahead.

    I KNEW at this point I should've said something but I got freaked out, smiled and walk faster right past her so she wouldn't think I was stalking her or something! I stopped at a corner where no one was looking to compose myself. I REALLY wanted to do this. So I took a deep breath, relax and decided to do some warm up sets first.

    The first girl I saw, was a descent 7, at my height(6'1), with curly black hair, a nice flower sun dress and a big nose that would make you think shes Jewish.

    Me: Excuse me
    Her: Yes?
    Me: Do you know any good cafes or coffee shops around this area?
    Her: Yes. You go down this road and...hmm...well if you...wait a minute...
    Me: You're going to get me lost, aren't ya Said with a smile
    Her: Giggles No! Look...blah blah blah
    Me: OK! Thank you!
    Her: You're welcome!

    I smiled, she complied and we went off our separate ways. I kept walking and I saw this cute, petite asian girl walking up. Now, usually, I'm a little shy with asians because my worry is I might scare them off. I know its stupid but I wanted to open as many people as possible to get in the right mood.

    Me: Excuse me!
    She looks at me and walks over sporting some super big shades where you can literally see your own reflection in! Like a mirror!
    Me: Cafe Opener
    Her: Blah blah...

    She points me in the direction, I tell her thank you, she says welcome, I smile, she complies and walk off our separate ways. I continued to open a few more sets to get me in the right mood. The more I successfully opened and walked away with girls smiling at me, the more confidence that was quickly building up inside. I made a promise to myself that before I go home, I will go direct on a girl that I genuine like at least looks wise. I was looking around and it quickly turned to slim pickings. It was getting late so I decided to call it a day. As I was walking to the train station..THERE SHE WAS....

    My perfect type! A sexy brunette with a few blonde highlights in a bushy pony tail. She was wearing a t-shirt with a green plaid unbutton, long sleeve shirt over it. Tight, dark blue jeans that complimented her ass and hips. Cute, round, baby face and she was a short 5'3ish girl. I feel that the PUA Gods are giving me one more shot!

    I literally power walked over to her as she was walking to school. I tapped her shoulder and she turned around...she was alot prettier than from a distance.

    Me: Hey
    Her: Hello
    Me: I know this is...or may sound forward...but I think...or just wanted to say..I think you cute
    I was soo tongue tied....I think honesty it was my first time it happened to me..at least in day game.
    Her: [i]She smiled and said..[/i} Thank you!
    Me: I'm Sean, and you are? Held my hand out
    Her: I'm Ashley! She complied and shook my hand
    Me: Haha..thats a common name!
    Her: It is a common name! But, look, you may not believe this but I'm like running late to class(as she take a quick glance at her cell).
    Me: OK, nice meeting you!
    Her: Nice meeting you too!

    I almost didn't want to do THIS report. Theres two thing that made me do it. First off, I posted in day game thread about is it possible to open from behind. So this was my little report and I realize that it shouldn't matter either way. Another thing is, I wanted to find out if it was possible to turn a shitty day into a good one. Which in my case, I did by just warm sets. Having quick convos with cute girls will get you're in the mood and will build confidence.

    The last reason was about that girl. Now aside from me fumbling my opener, I know I should just assume she was probably just blowing me off. But she did seem somewhat sincere about actually being late to class.
    Should I have tried to #close her or I did the right thing and just ended it there?

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    Day Game, is tough.. I really think you should be stronger on the opener, like practice it at home so you get it right. You could have chatted her up for a little bit, and then asked for the number but by then she was just blowing you off I think.. but ur making progress because you did go after what you wanted bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSeanSDB View Post
    Should I have tried to #close her or I did the right thing and just ended it there?
    Always be closing.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by miaddict View Post
    Always be closing.
    A good practice I found is to open your phone, hand it to her and phrase your "can I call you" question into a statement like "Put your number in here so we can get a drink later" etc... it frames the whole situation much better.
    "Even in our darkest hour, we must never despair." -Harry Varden

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