Sheriff bootcamp - London, August 2009

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    Sheriff bootcamp - London, August 2009

    Hey all, as a new member of the forum I'd first like to say hello to everyone. Some months ago I finally decided to enroll in one of LS bootcamp's and, since I live in Spain, logistically the best place was London.

    First of all, I must say that the program is very well structured and taught in a way that even guys who've never read anything about pick-up can easily understand and put into practice. The BC served mostly to help me start working on my obvious sticking points, and discover those that were not so obvious before.

    I believe that I got the best learning from the in-field portions with the instructors, as they had a good eye to pinpoint the areas to be improved and pushed me out of my comfort zone to work on them in real time. Night 1 was a bit disappointing, as I thought I would do better. Felt really lost at one point in which I found myself on my own when some instructors were either one on one with other students or out on a smoking break... However, the feedback from Soul, LondonPlayboy and Sheriff was invaluable and made all the difference on the second night. Must say that Night 2 was immensly better for two reasons: the previously mentioned feedback and the fact that Stickler remained by my side at all times, so I had an instant debrief after each set and great support for inner game. Guys, whenever possible, try to have one instructor per student on the in-field part of the BC... huge difference.

    If you have a good sincere smile and can act the look of a good boy while keeping a confident frame, this opener works wonders... "Hey, I need a quick minute of your time to help me do my homework assignment. See, I'm a very shy guy and my shrink says I need to talk to five new strangers every day to overcome my shynes, so hi, I'm Campari..." (At this point they will already be laughing and play along. However, if they shit test and ask if this is a pick up line, you can follow up with this) "As a matter of fact it is. My grandma is mad at me for being a 28 year old virgin and she bought me this pick-up book... I read that line five minutes ago." (Always smiling... Haven't tried it with mixed groups, but I doubt it would work in that case.)

    Great experience. Would do it all over again. Thanks to Sheriff (for the inspiring words throughout the weekend, and telling me to play nice guy... it made a huge difference), LondonPlayboy (for suggesting working on my tone of voice), Soul (for insisting about the need to kino escalate and qualify), Stickler (for being there all night and pushing me to isolate), BBaller (for his tips on body language and direct game) and Freedom of Speech (with whom I didn't work, but have some laughs).

    Any wings in Mallorca, Barcelona or Madrid?

    Cheers from Palma de Mallorca.

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    It was great working with you on the second night! I loved the fun way you delivered that opener and it was great seeing your improvements over such a short space of time.
    Keep up the good work back in Mallorca!

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    Right well I will preface this by saying that the review you are about to read will be in proportion with the experience I received over the course of bootcamp. Epic. I will also include some backstroy and be relating a great deal of this to my personal experiences and development during the bootcamp. If you are simply interested in the logistics of the bootcamp and what we did and when we did it please skip ahead to part 2.

    For your listening pleasure here is a song that got me in a great mood before going out at night and also the source of my sn.
    [ame=]YouTube - Massive Attack - Karmacoma[/ame]

    1. Backstory

    Wow by far the most brutal set of the weekend was introducing myself to the group/what I wanted from the bootcamp. I was a trembling wreck openly speaking about my current sexual experience (or lack thereof) and going in to why I was the way I was. There are various reasons for this; one main one being the fact that I parked myself in front of a computer for 3 years at uni and got very very good at poker, to the extent where I now play for a living and can live a lifestyle that affords me a great deal of freedom. Unfortunately the Catch-22 of poker is that freedom means nothing without the freedom to live and neglecting every other aspect of life for long periods at a time removed my freedom to live.
    Here is a great article written by one of the most successful online high stakes player in the world that further explains this. It also introduces the concept of EV which I will touch on a little later. The Obsession - Medium Stakes Pot Limit and No Limit - Medium Stakes Poker Forum

    These are all things I've done a very good job of internalizing over the past 3 or 4 years (I'm 22 btw) and as such I have a decent and diverse group of friends who like and respect me. Despite this I would say that this nervous energy had started to creep out of me in the past 6 months particularly in line with graduating from University. In fact in June one of my closest friends that I hadn't seen for a while commented on holiday that I seemed a little different/held back when we were out at night. This was when I knew it was time to take action. Suffice to say if this inner turmoil was frequently on display around my social circles then, well, this would not have been a good thing.

    It was however a good thing in the context of the bootcamp. First impressions count and as painful as it was making this first impression it was a necessity and not an option if I really wanted to grow as a person over the weekend. I had already made a pact with myself that I would be as open as unassuming and as determined as I possibly could and this was essentially the first success of the bootcamp for me.

    2. The Bootcamp


    The bootcamp was hosted by the man the myth the legend that is Sheriff. I can't really say enough good things about Sheriff. It quickly became obvious that he not only knew the material inside out but he had a LOT of experience teaching it and understood why it worked and at what points we as a group had to understand why it worked.

    One specific thing he did which was particularly helpful was to ask small questions of the group at various points to see how we were internalizing the material so he could tweak various points and address any concerns or misinterpretations on the spot. This not only reassured us and kept the seminar engaging and interactive, but it was gradually teaching us how to 'think' game rather than just to copy what we think it should look like based on specific lines and mannerisms. For someone such as myself who had some fairly debilitating inner game issues, this approach was invaluable.

    The first night we went to Onanon and I was paired with Sam and another student Andy. The general idea for the first night was to get us approaching confidently and transitioning in to some normal conversation. Tips on body language and how to naturally get positioned in a dominant place within a group were very helfpful.

    We were given very little actual material for the first night and encouraged to think on our feet. I was able to do this reasonably well but whenever I did feel like things were going a little stale I would gracefully eject without going for any sort of close. I think it would have been good for me to get blown out a few times on the first night and on the second night I was encouraged more to stay in set and try and build some comfort. The first night I was a little bit dissapointed as I really didn't push myself enough and for some reason passed up some great winging opportunities. I was also quite drunk by the end of the night which is never a good thing when you're trying to internalize reactions in set and get the most out of instructors' feedback. I had already decided I wasn't going to get drunk on the Saturday and even though my initial pledge of going completely sober was not met I was able to have a few and stay completely in control throughout the night.


    The Saturday seminar was a very natural progression from Friday. On Friday we had been taught and shown the raw principles of game and learnt quite quickly how to plough through approach anxiety and get in to set with positive energy. However what comes next has to be congruent with that positive energy and we learnt a number of fun lines and games that could be played which helped immensely with this. Sheriff did a number of demos and this gave me the confidence to go ahead and try lots of things out on the Saturday night. When you see Sheriff actualy demo in seminar it's hard not to smile with the knowing confidence that this just won't fail if you deliver it like Sheriff just did.

    In the evening we went to TigerTiger. There was a smaller group going out from the seminar and as such we were fortunate enough to get 1on1s throughout the night. I was paired with LondonPlayboy who helped me immensely with my body language and also did a great job of pushing me to stay in set and try out new things. At one point it seemed my sticking point was forgetting to kino and not escalating. Whilst I could hold a good conversation and build attraction quite easily through some creative DHV stuff the sexual frame was missing. Sheriff (who was there in a supervisory role) and LondonPlayboy were all over this and at one point LondonPlayboy came in to set and quietly told me "xyz girl says you need to kino more" The set didn't even flinch at this and I just went ahead and started kinoing and it went down a treat!

    At around midnight we all got together and swapped around instructors. I was paired with Freedom of Speech and was really determined to get some decent sets in before debrief at 12:45. My last set was a hen party who were sat down in one of the quieter areas downstairs. They were all pretty cute and with the help of Freedom of Speech I was able to isolate easily and get in to a dominant position in the group. With this isolation I was able to build a dynamic where the rest of the group were perfectly cool with me sitting with my back to them talking to my target (after I had introduced myself to everyone of course). I had moved through attraction quickly and at this point held myself back from constantly reeling off DHVs. There were enough IOI's for comfort and qualification so I kept things moving and the interaction had a really natural and fun feeling to it. At one point we moved from me talking about Eastern European girls in Onanon, to her talking about her trip to Ukraine, to me saying "oh so did you go to Donetsk?" and moving on to talk about how I'd been to Warsaw and Moscow and had a great time on the Transiberian railway and Eastern europe had so much character etc etc. She was then qualifying really hard and I was just sat back nodding smiling and just saying "oh cool", "oh really" etc etc letting her reel off all these things about her that she thought I'd like. It was an incredible feeling knowing exactly what was happening and why it was happening and where I would have to take the converstation next.

    After our chat about travel and eastern europe the subject of my work came up. I never used to tell people I just met that I played poker for a living and usually just made something boring up so they wouldnt question further. I realise now that this was exactly the wrong way to think about it and that poker is a big part of who I am. I am passionate about it, it has given me so many opportunities and it shows a multitude of different qualities which far override some of the negative connotations some people might have about it. Anyway she looked at me a little strangely and I had a moment of inspiration where I tweaked a little game that was told in the seminar. Basically the game was to get the girl to look straight in to your eyes for thirty seconds and try and get her to crack a smile. I prefaced this with "oh you know I can tell if you'd make a good poker player, let me test your pokerface..." This worked great and she cracked up after about 5 seconds and leaned forward and hugged me. Shortly afterwards she said "oh I should probably let you know it's a shame you and your friend chose to chat to the two of us that are married because you're really cool". Anyways it was nearing 12:45 so I left on a high note and went off to debrief. One thing that really pleased me about this interaction was that I could really see the logistics that were falling in to place and we were relating to each other as people. This I think is when game became real to me and not just a set of routines that were designed to get a woman into bed.


    On Sunday we did a more extensive debrief and had 5 hours of seminar time to go in to further depth with the emotional progression model and also get some tips on phone and text game as well as day game and relationships. As a bonus we also had DrYen come in for an hour and talk about fashion. It was tough for him to go over a lot in an hour but there were a few very helpful pieces of information and personally I found it very entertaining listening to someone talk this passionately and intensely about fashion. You really haven't lived until you've heard DrYen say "Egyptian cotton high thread count" and express his disdain for shirts costing <£100. Another highlight of Sunday for me was also seeing Chris walk in late looking like an absolute pimp and explaining how awesome his night had been, the guy was absolutely exuberant!

    Post Bootcamp:

    After the seminar on Sunday I went to dinner with Sheriff and a couple of other students. It was good to round things off with a chat and after a few glasses of wine I was thinking to myself "damn I can't physically go back to my hotel room and just chill out for the evening, I HAVE to go out". Anyway I persuaded Jeff to join me for the evening and we clicked pretty well as a team. It was definitely "on" with these two Israeli girls but unfortunately I kinda fucked up the logistics by taking my girl back in to the club (very dark loud and nowhere to sit) as she kept complaining about the smoke outside. This would obviously have been a great time to bounce but oh wells live and learn. It was a fun night and I look forward to some more in Brighton/Leeds with you in the future Jeff. Also, your notes are in the post.

    And finally last night back home I managed to persuade one of my 'natural' friends to go out with me and help me out a little. He took a lot of convincing but when he saw me actually say "ok I need to go warm up" and open my first two set very successfully he was really in to it. He'd been on and off with HB9 for the last few months and she's been messing him about so I gave him a bit of advice on push pull and long story short we ended up in a cab with me and my mate and HB9 and her friend who was like a 6. Anyway I F closed the friend that night and left on a really positive note in the morning. Not sure if I want to see her again but the option is definitely there and I feel in control the situation. Thanks to Sheriff for that bear game thing as well, that really helped me keep it fun and get rid of any nerves!

    Anyway that rounds up my take on the bootcamp and I'd like to express my deepest thanks to all the LS instructors who helped me throughout the weekend. They really do go beyond the call of duty at times and it's a great feeling working with people who enjoy teaching as much as you enjoy learning. Special thanks to Sheriff for leading a fantastic bootcamp and being enthusiastic, charismatic, kind and helpful throughout what must have been a gruelling weekend for him. Also thanks to Sam and LondonPlayboy for their infield help and to all the other students who were all great guys and really inspired me to do the best I could. If any of you are in Leeds you've got a partner in crime and a place to stay anytime.

    All the best,

    P.S. I didn't really know where to include this but here is an excellent post about poker and game. The concept of EV really helped me enter this bootcamp with minimal approach anxiety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karmacoma View Post
    It was a fun night and I look forward to some more in Brighton/Leeds with you in the future Jeff. Also, your notes are in the post.
    Cheers fella.

    Don't worry about what happened in London either. It was most likely for the best (although she was quite pretty LOL)..

    I went out last night and back on home turf it was weird, ended up going home with 2 girls me and a friend had met that night, mistake but oh well. It was quite interesting putting all these new tools into practice properly. As Qualification is my main qualm I thought I'd try and emphasise that, but it turned out it actually worked for me and I ended up finding some pretty good looking girls totally unattractive.

    Anyway, this is off topic. When I get a minute I'll sit down and write my review.

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    Bootcamp london by Sheriff

    hi too all

    This is very long but I have a lot to say

    Like Rob Iíd like to tell a bit of back-story about my self before the bootcamp which was epic, phenomenal and ultimately probably one of the] BEST DECICIONS I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE[/I]. and i mean that.

    well before the bootcamp i was ok with women unless i had any interest in them ., the women i kept on chasing were at work only. it was catastrophic, i kept doing by email and over a 4 year period i had asked out around 7-8 girls. No more Iíve lost count. anyway this was a seriously bad idea as i was going in direct and getting blown out straight away but that wasn't the worst part' those girl forwarded on those emails to their friends and they forwarded it on to their friends in the company and so on. i got a reputation - every time i would take to anything female ( even if i wouldnít classify them so they would immediately assume i was chatting them up - i was in hell. i may as well be walking around with desperate tattooed on my forehead. and my only way to get laid ( much to my displeasure now) was to save up and go to Amsterdam to the red light district were i would spend immense amounts of money. i truly hit rock bottom. it was then after looking for self improvement books on the internet that i discovered by chance love systems, and after 4 months i decided to take a bootcamp.


    i arrived on Friday afternoon and i first met Campari, this guy was soo cool, i live in Majorca and is a barman their so i thought his game especially in a place like that must be out of this world. we swapped stories and where we were both getting our sticking points and then Sheriff arrived. he immediately came over to say hi. my first impressions of Sheriff were of a just a normal guy. i was expecting this guy to look like a rock star with women hanging of his arms but as we all arrived in the seminar i was stunned immediately by his warm, friendly and confident aura he gave off in abundance. This guy i realized could have easily arrived with women hanging of his arms - but as he was so successful he didn't need to. he had the one thing i wanted from him and this bootcamp; a life where i can have any women i desired without the feeling of neediness, he had the feeling of well being happiness and inner game that he didn't need to arrive with women on his arms or with any entourage to prove a point to people of who he was and he didnít need anyone's social proof to feel comfortable in any situation. this guys was truly inspiring in every sense of the word.

    we all sat down and we introduced each other; i felt ashamed about Amsterdam....but i said it anyway i wanted them all to know how desperate my love and social life really was - there was no point in lying and i felt better to get it off my chest. it was then the bootcamp started and the change truly began.

    the first night.
    even before we got to the venue I was giggling with adrenaline and fear it was pounding through my veins, when we arrived though their were loads of sets including these two Chinese girl behind us. we all arrived and the London Playboy set me and Rob to go off with Stickler. we went to the first floor we he kindly demonstrated the first set, I was a bit nervous but then I struck me "what have i got to loose?" so I dived into the set and introduced my self. the set went well and we knew we could easily return later. it was then stickler got us both to start approaching sets on our own. my first....the Chinese girls, i approached the opener "hey guys, who do you think lie's more women or men" their response at first was to start girl coding until the dominant one on the left started talking to me. i was very conscious of the fact that i was blushing. however i stuck though it and after that i was fine.

    the best set of the night was these two Swedish girls, especially the red head which i got a lot of Kino with, she was happy for me to play with her hair and touch her leg and I got very intermit until her friend initiated the girl coding and started speaking Swedish and the they " had to go to the loo" if you know what i mean. i approached and transitioned a good 14 sets that night until the point were i just could keep up the energy anymore i was exhausted.

    i learnt one crucial fact on the first night which i will never forget and in my opinion is probably the foundation of the bootcamp and magic bullets- and that is. Approaching is ridiculously easy, in fact it's nothing. i was a changed man by midnight, slightly in shock with my self about what i was just able to do with ease and confidence.

    i was reborn when i awoke, i wasn't the person who arrived in this hotel. the door was suddenly open, and the world was filled with opportunity. the Saturday seminar started with the feedback from all of us about last night, we then went deeper into the love systems learning, inner game, kino, escalation and building attraction. Saturday was when the learning really started to kick in, we covered a lot more topics and everything started to fall into place. i actually own Magic bullets and routines 1 and 2. but they were just e-books before, they were just words - now they were actually made manifest and i could now use them with growing confidence.

    the second night
    the second night did not start off well, i decided to walk to the venue not truly understanding the area of which i was about to cover as i had spent so much money on the hotel i was trying to conserve money. big mistake - i got lost and ended up in Islington i think, by the time i got to the venue i only had 5 mins to go before the deadline i made it just in time but i hadn't eaten anything and i was gasping for water after covering such a great distance on foot. it really ruined my inner game as i was actually quite distraught and frightened when i arrived; as getting lost in London is not funny. but swelling in pride from the other night i didnít want anyone to see it. but it really showed when i started opening the sets. it was then the London playboy cheered me up and i started opening more confidently. i had a lot of trouble adjusting to the tempo in Tiger Tiger as it was a lot faster and the girls way hotter.
    i was paired with Freedom that night and i was really struggling as i had set the bar really high the other night and i guess everyone was expecting a lot form me but my inner game was screwed. freedom got me to approach these to lovely Hungarian girls which i did my better with as i got alot of kino in and i even got her isolated and started to escalate, i got the hook point and played the truth game and go the the kino no point plenty of times. we left that set as it wasn't really going anywhere but it was an excellent learning experience. i then teamed up with the London playboy who helped me with my inner game problems and i approached more sets than i can remember i turned out to be a great night and i learned far more than the first. approach with the same energy as the set your opening
    2.opinoin openers arenít best suited for high energy sets smile and be conscious of my body language
    4. to improve my delivery and to slow down my openers to give my self more time to think
    5.not to hesitate

    Sunday was fantastic this was were we finished off the topics still to learn. Dr Yenn was incredible, his knowledge on fashion and grooming was immense. we had another 5 hours of other topics of which i learned alot about day game, strippers and hired guns, approach anxiety etc. we finished around 7pm and unfortunately i had work in the morning so i couldn't stay in London another night. i said my goodbyes and i was really upset to go after all my experience in the last 72 hours had been ultimately life changing and i didnít want it to end. first of all i would like to thank Sheriff; he had inspired me to want to become a love systems instructor my self given the right amount of time and practise i feel i can do it. i would also like to thank some of the coolest people i've ever met, stickler for sure ! but also Rob, Jeff, Campari, Adrain and chris. they all excepted me for who i am and i cannot tank them enough. i would also like to extend my thanks to the London playboy and freedom and mark, i also met Soul briefly but sadly didnít get to spend anytime with him at all

    ...the bootcamp has made me take a fresh look on life, at my self and at my game. if you are reading this and you havenít taken one yet I STRONGLY ADVISE IT it's truly the best decision you'll ever make to take those first steps towards a happy and fulfilling life.

    Post bootcamp
    my first day back at work was bizarre. sure i havenít asked out anyone for over a year now but i actually felt at ease, i wasnít tiptoeing around anyone anymore. i had a feeling of self calm and i didn't feel any neediness. though i still have virtually no social proof i was able to start noticing A lot of IOI's i was getting form the girls, I even spoke to a few girls Iíve asked out before feeling no sense of unease or tension and they were taken aback by it. Iím not going to give into temptation and go for any of them. it's not worth it and i found my self smirking with savage joy at the irony of it. I DONT NEED THEM.

    though i have only a few real friends i can go out with i greatly enjoyed last Friday night, i got one number through a warm approach and has a great time doing a few cold approaches with one that was so successful that she got me to dance with her and was rubbing my knee in between her legs all night while we were dancing. though this was a one off night as my friends can't really afford to got out with me because of their outgoings and due to the fact that all of my close friends live some distance away from me, i still got a lot of practise in that one night.

    i need to make more friends in my local area which is hard i never used to go out, and donít really want to go out alone

    finding wingmen in the lounge and in the attraction forums has been a great disappointment.(this is the only negative thing I can say) as it seems i am the only one who knows of dating science in my local area but i see it as an opportunity. i hope to take Mr.M's social circle mastery very soon. So I can build up a social circle and go out more often than just once a week which I really going to slow my game down

    the bootcamp has really pointed me in the right direction, i hope...noÖ. i know that i will never give up! i will achieve everything i desire as i have now the passion & determination to be everything i ever wanted to be. and one day it won't be just sheriff walking though those doors a teaching at the bootcamp. it will be me.

    Thanks again

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    Better late than never!

    Hi there.

    This is my take on the weekend. It might end up long, but I'm going to try and stick to summarising as when my clothes have finished washing I'm off to Brighton.

    I'll start off by describing my level of game. Which was "fair" at best. I had a good understanding that "attraction isn't a choice" and a sketchy version of the LS attraction model in my mind. I have had quite a bit of success with women in the past year. But it just felt a bit lucky at times and that's what kept me from progressing I think. Every time I approached a new set, it felt like I was jumping off a bridge in thick fog. No idea whether I'd hit water or rocks.

    Sometimes I'd do some good work and pull really nice girls and not qualify them, giving them plenty of will and reason to flake later on.


    I signed up to this Boot Camp quite late in the day. 20th of August actually. I had some apprehensions but my justification (considering that money could have bought me a supercharger kit for my car!) was that there was a money back guarantee, and if the weekend didn't deliver for me then I would have had no hesitations in pursuing that guarantee!

    I had the rest of Thursday night to organise my accommodation and travel arrangements for the next day, so did a bit of ringing around and found a nice 4* hotel round the corner (15 minute walk) from where the seminars were being held at a bargain price. Awesome, so now just to get there. Internet train tickets and I was sorted.

    Packed a bag with some things and went to sleep, beginning to feel a bit excited.

    I woke up the following morning, went to the bank for some spending money and caught the bus for the train station. I was instantly much more concious of mistakes I was making and opportunities I was ignoring (just from signing up!!).

    I caught the train, got to London, and found the seminar.

    Sheriff covered a lot of material on the Friday that I didn't feel was that valuable to me, it was things I could have read myself for less than £50. But at the same time he had a reason which was later apparent.

    And just as applicable to me as everyone else, and that was, I needed to forget what I thought I knew to move forward. I have been hitting lots of blocks in the past, some of which were apparent afterwards (like not isolating and letting friend after friend of hers interrupt us, which is all very well, but eventually the cock block shows up..) Some not so apparent to me, like qualification (or not doing it at all). Which is fine for a one nighter, but I liked the girl I am thinking of at the time. But I didn't tell her then, and I can see from her point of view, me telling her now will just look like I'll say anything to get her into bed again.

    Live and learn.

    Anyway, we went out to a club that night, I have to say I didn't have a brilliant time. A lot of foreigners were just there visiting, which I suppose made it fit for purpose (how hard could it be to overcome that little voice telling you not to approach new girls for fear of rejection when they speak little English and both of you are in neutral territory?). But for me this made things awkward as I like good conversation and some witty banter, but I couldn't get it...

    I came across a couple of London girls with Soul though and we had a bit of a giggle, but they weren't that interesting or attractive and Soul saw this and told me to say bye and stop wasting time.

    I did, we went elsewhere and I picked the brains of a few of the coaches that were there.

    I went off for a wonder later in the night and that girl I was talking to found me and dragged me off, I ended up taking her out of the club and I think she wanted me to convince her to take her home from the taxi, but I didn't want to pay £25 for cab to go 2 miles. So I ditched her and ran back to the hotel. 20 minutes, not bad to say I was pissed and had flat shoes on! I climbed into bed that night and actually said to myself "Jeff what have you done?"

    I thought I'd made a big mistake. Woke up the next morning feeling better (in my head) but I found I couldn't speak. I think I had a cold as it lasted a couple of days. Went to the seminar and listened to the triumphs the other guys had overcome.

    I was happy for them, but still a little doubtful that Saturday or Sunday could be that much better.

    They were. I don't know what was so different about the material we covered on Saturday, and even though it felt like some of it was obvious or that I was sure I'd heard the concepts in different words. Something about being there just got my brain working and everything started to make sense.

    At this point I was wondering whether it would have made so much sense if I'd not been on Friday and just sat in for all these new knowledge nuggets on Saturday.

    I ended up not going out on Saturday as I could barely say 5 words without 2 of them being silenced. Sheriff told me I could skip that night and come along on another Saturday in a future boot camp. I figured even though it would be extra expense and the things we hadn't learnt wouldn't be as fresh in my mind, it would be better than going out and making my voice worse, and not having a good time.

    So I went back to the hotel, ate a lot of pizza goodness and watched some Saturday night TV. LOL.

    Went in on Sunday to meet the excited gang again and listened to realisations from the other guys again, you put a lot of things together listening to other's interpretations of the events too which is never a bad thing, even if they can barely make a sentence without pausing every 10 seconds to grin

    Sunday covered a lot of interesting concepts and a lot of things you can't really put into practice in loud night clubs with no one you know, which makes sense, which makes this a perfect time to give props to Sheriff. He's not a guy I'd heard a lot about on here, even though speaking to him and the other coaches that were there who confirmed he'd been on the scene for a LONG LONG time.

    He invited a guest speaker who has been mentioned in this thread already, the fashion guy. And whilst I enjoyed listening to him, he didn't have a lot to say that really helped me other than telling me I should goto one of his seminars to "get the good stuff". Which I don't doubt would be good, maybe he'd done a favour for LS or Sheriff and they were helping him out? Who knows.

    The day came to an end, and everyone said goodbye, a few of us went to a restaurant across the road and from there Chris and I said we'd go for a few beers afterwards.

    We went to a local collection of bars and bistros but I suppose even London sleeps, as most places were pretty quiet, it was a Sunday after all. After a long chat and a very very drunk girl joining us, I was ready for bed. Chris convinced me to go out. So off we went, to find a lot of bars closed and plenty of PR/flyer people very happy to walk us to the doors of blacked out clubs for a bit too much money for a Sunday. You can tell when a club is empty just by listening from outside and I don't like being lied to. Anyway, we found a bar that was heaving (probably because it's capacity should've been about 40 (there were probably only 100 people in there lol)

    --- BRB just going to put my clothes in the dryer.. ---

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    Either way we had a good time, pointed out a few observations to each other. Opened a few groups of people, generally had a laugh and then walked home the wrong way which took about twice as long as it should have... My bad Chris lol.

    In short, (coming from a sceptical person) I think your nearest Boot camp should definitely be on your list of things to do. I am truly glad I did this now at 22 and not put it off till a time when I could have afforded it easier.

    (can I have my discount codes now Love Systems?) LOL kidding, they did ask me to write a review, and gave an incentive (a complimentary IVS volume). But said it could be 5 words long, and as bad as we liked.

    But I wouldn't be on here giving praise where praise is due if I didn't feel these guys deserved it. I could be on the phone to HQ getting a full refund if that was the case!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEFF4507 View Post
    They were. I don't know what was so different about the material we covered on Saturday, and even though it felt like some of it was obvious or that I was sure I'd heard the concepts in different words. Something about being there just got my brain working and everything started to make sense.

    At this point I was wondering whether it would have made so much sense if I'd not been on Friday and just sat in for all these new knowledge nuggets on Saturday.
    It's almost like we know what we're doing ;-)


    Great to hear your feedback! I've heard from all of you guys via email now, and I'm super-happy to hear you're going out and continuing to use what you've learned!

    You should have all received the first mail-out from the follow-up course by now, and got your lounge invites - email me if there are any problems - and stay in touch!


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    Aug 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by sheriff View Post
    It's almost like we know what we're doing ;-)
    Yeah, weird huh..

    Got the email, very much looking forward to follow up emails, although I still haven't got a lounge invite.

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