Where in the progression model?

Went out with a girl 3 months ago, she was previously an hs acquaintance. transferring to my college next semester.
-I built some attraction got a few IOI's
-We had pretty good conversation, she felt comfortable with me and was willing to share alot of personal stuff, talked about mutual friends.
-it was fun. met at the mall, moved her to miniature golf/batting cages/arcade, moved her to in-n-out. 3.5 hours
-I'm smart so she definitely tried to qualify to that aspect, i asked about what she wants to do in the future and so on.
-I don't think I gave any kino, did not *close.
-did not get to seduction phase.

I tried going out with her again, couldn't set something up, so I ignored her and moved on. 2 months later i invite her to bowl (played it like I've been busy and we could catch up) with a group of my friends, and she flaked.

more ignoring

Today she contacted me again because school is starting next wkend (its a small school)
HB8-"Hey Woodlum! Will I see you this wkend?"
Woodlum-"You can bet your bottom dollar gimme a call later this week and when your not orientating I'll show u around town. btw blah blah what dorm?"

WHERE IN THE MODEL DO I BEGIN?- its been 3 months, do I rebuild attraction first? she still feels comfortable with me, don't want to be LJBF'd
Objective: *close or LTR