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  1. TS, you have outdone yourself. Holy shit!! I am reading this book called, "The Science of Influence", and it resonated perfectly with your article. The book goes into detail to describe how people "crave" direction. This is true for your male friends as well. A lot of times my guy friends will say 'let's go clubbing' or 'let's hangout', but nothing happens. When someone says 'let's go to this and this club and I'll put us all on the guestlist', most of the people will follow. I totally agree with you, if you have confidence in yourself others will too. Thanks for this.

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    Wow, thanks for writing this. Though i'm sure you enjoyed doing it

    I know I benefit from this advice, but there are so many of my friends that popped into my head that I immediately wanted to show this to after I was done reading. Most of them in relationships where their ladies are just disrespectful and they take it!

    I don't understand why this happens to so many guys though. Especially alphas that landed that hb10 in the first place. Could it be that they get complacent and forget about the hoops she puts out? I dunno.

    Thanks again for the post as solid as an all protein diet!

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    Wow, you totally described my bf!

    Awesome post, this stuff really works.


  4. thank u. this stuff is mind blowing

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    Excellence. Best of for sure

    Next time be sure to address descretion too hehe. 5 star though.

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    it is not only an awesome post...
    it is also a summary of a head end book...
    and besides it is a classic writing that each pua in every level must always remember...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueStory View Post
    Tell her “You look soo fucking sexy in that red dress you wore to Martini Park”. Is you making decisions for her. Don’t tell her she should wear it, don’t suggest it. TELL HER!
    hehe i thought that part was funny.

    nonetheless.....this is got to be the post of the year. 5 stars, A+, loser55 likes this, etc

    what you said about her shit tests when shes calls other girls "sluts and whores" is just fucking brilliant dude. thanks for writing this i will be rereading this in a few weeks

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    Thank you guys for positive feedback.

    I felt this was much needed post. Funny, i found an old post i started writing early 2008, titled "leadership in relationship"

    RE-WROTE the whole thing, and here is the final post. I am missing A LOT from here. A lot is in my head i am having hard time verbalizing.

    From experience I learned that being dominant is something you develop over time. And often, being in regular relationship teaches you those skills.

    Tyler D. wrote a really good article (cannot find it) on Authority and Social Confidence,

    he says that there are social roles that assign people social dominance, for example, a guy that becomes a cop automatically assumes his authority and power over general population.

    A person who becomes rich, suddenly feels superior to other people with lesser income.

    The celebrity with ultimate social proof feel like they are entitled to whatever they want.

    Professor from Harvard strongly considers himself intelligent and "ABOVE" common folks.

    As you can see positive end results (legal authority, money, social status, education) gives forms of confidence.

    However, in modern day and age, society, feminist movement, even political movements, have de-masculated men.

    Your grandfather's generation was a little bit different. BECAUSE, men had access to status, power money, and various resources, it was very easy for them to be dominant.

    Infamous: "I put food on this table, you listen to me, woman!" quote was just an expression of dominance. In other words, she better listen to him, otherwise she'll go hungry. Which re-enforced the dominance of a man even more.

    Today, women can put their own food on the table, there are laws protecting them (instead of strong men), so it's hard for modern man to find confidence to be dominant. We feel emasculated.

    However, there are things that no feminism nor politics can change:

    Emotional Stability.

    Social roles can be changed.Women can be in charge. They can make money same if not more than man do. They can have equivalent amount of power.

    But they will never be still as us, men.

    You cannot fight biology.

    The true unbrainwashed women understand that. They submit to men, strong men, because they know that he will be strong. She might not need him for money, she might not need him for protection anymore, but she will *ALWAYS* need man for emotional stability.

    Boys, do you know where this brings us?

    Show me at last of hand full of emotionally stable guys you know?

    Truly emotionally stable guys you know.

    The guys that don't feel afraid to approach woman, tackle the world, and stand up to his beliefs?

    The guys that don't feel threatened by rejection?

    The guys that don't get bent out of shape because, of economy, parents, job loss, petty drama?

    The kind of guys that keep their word they gave to other people or themselves?

    Not the guy that buy house on credit, corvette and a lot of expensive things to prove that he's a man, but the kind of guy who holds entire "kingdom" behind him? The kind of financially stable guy who is not worried about economy shaking him down?

    Even everyday stuff:

    The guy who doesn't call AAA when he gets a flat tire.
    The dude who can change outlet socket, fix just about anything in the house.
    The man who stands with two feet on the ground, looking at the world like one large playground for him to take and if other kids don't play nice it's his job to defend his territory and toys and kicked the kids ass (figuratively speaking)
    The man that has discipline to say no. The man that has discipline to follow through with whatever "business" he's gotten himself into.
    The man who doesn't brag about his cars, toys, house, but the one who can show that he delivers (hint, wearing nice clothes, driving nice car without telling women about it, or when called out on "oh my god this is nice car", just shrug it off and say "i like it, thank you" and not get all fucking cocky)

    The most importantly the man who can make his own decision without worrying that it might be wrong one:

    80% of you fail here

    "I have this girl, and i did this routine, and now what do i do"
    "how do i respond to this text message"
    "please help, where should i take her on day2"
    "stuck on online game, what do i do now"
    "i need to pee, could you please hold my dick for me"

    Those are waay too common on those forums.

    You know boys, confidence and dominance starts her.

    You have the information. And if you say you don't, i will slap you. This forum is free, you've probably read AT LEAST book or two from PUA Guru, I am sure you've seen other PUA forums and articles and blogs. Instructors post plethora of free info on here. Don't tell me you don't know what to do.

    Which brings me: a real man is not lazy.

    So don't be lazy. And make your decisions.

    you decide what is the best course of action after you got her number
    you decide what to reply to that text message
    you plan the freaking date
    you use your best knowledge to follow the online routine and get her number, then date, then sexual relationship.

    and before i tackle the last one,

    I wanted to say: WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN?

    You lose the girl.

    Jesuschrist this is not end of the world.

    And regarding "holding your dicks"

    Put your hands in your pants:

    Grab your nut sack. It should feel like brass chunk of metal. It should feel so hard that you could swing it against brick wall and shatter cement in pieces.

    Then grab your dick.
    No it's not a pecker. It's not a willy, neither it's a penis.


    With that cock you're going to make some girl scream. Scream your name and name of the Lord.

    And if you don't think that with that hunk of meat hanging between your legs you cannot own her pussy, you still yet have A LOT to learn.

    And finally,

    Don't Be A Fucking Pussy: Women Do Not Need A Pussy, They Already Have One.

    For some inspiration:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-AXTx4PcKI]YouTube - Alec Baldwin - Best performance[/ame]

    Listen to the attitude and words he uses.

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    Hahahah. Havent found the time to read the whole post yet. Though I c u got a nice touch of hardcore humor.
    I say keep up with the good writings.

  10. Holy shit dude. This is amazing.

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