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    Quote Originally Posted by DonJ View Post
    I am wondering what exactly to do when she starts an irrational argument? How do I "just not argue"? Do I need to agree on all the bullshit or ignore her/her texts?

    I am also struggling with the emotion-control part. Does this mean I can not show anger or sadness? Sometimes, when I get enough of her bullshit I start talking in a very dominant and serious manner (on the edge of sounding angry). Is that showing too much emotions or not? Am I over-analyzing my relationship?

    Thank you for this post btw. Got me a lot of blowjobs.
    Yes, you're over-analyzing.

    Dominance is a state of mind, a self belief. The external behavior will manifest naturally once you adopt a strong sense of self. Approach her irrational behavior from "it is what it is" mind frame. Accept it, listen to it, acknowledge that you hear and understand where she is coming from, all while calmly looking into her eyes. Women heat up and cool down the same way - emotionally not logically. If you remain emotionally unaffected, she'll give you less and less irrational arguments. Maybe your relationship is going stale and the only form of excitement for her is starting an argument with you. You have to emotionally stimulate her, constantly.

    Best of luck. There is more on topic of dominance beyond this post. I really appreciate the feedback. Many of you get too much inside your own head and think about surrounding world as Dominant vs. Submissive. The great knowledge shows you the matrix, but if you constantly think about the matrix, you will never be happy. Relax a little and let some things just happen.

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    Really helpful

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    Holy F***K, man!

    It's a remarkably strange feeling to read a forum post and suddenly understand what's been going on in your life for YEARS. God damn it, why didn't I get it earlier? I owe you, dude...

    I only had a few girlfriends in my life, because my relationships last years. They were all very beautiful, because I wanted them so much it put me in this dominant frame of mind ("She will be MINE") and it attracted them. I managed to keep the relationships going for a long time because I'm very dominant in bed and you're totally right - never asked for BJ's, anal etc. and had no problem getting it. The longer the relationship lasted though the more of a "nice guy" I became ("Yeah, honey, whatever you want") and things started going to shit. I used to joke around with them that they only keep me for sex and it turns out that actually WAS the case... Turns out you can keep a crappy relationship going for a long time if you compensate with really good sex. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth though, and they eventually start looking for a new cock, one that belongs to a more dominant male.

    The thing that gets me the most is the fact that to succeed all I had to do is NOT CHANGE. Just be my natural self. Somewhere along the line I convinced myself I need to be nicer, less arrogant, less dominant and it bit me in the ass.

    I can't thank you enough, everything is so much clearer now and it's the first time in my life I'll say these words: your forum post changed my life.

    Wish you all the best, stay awesome!

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