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  1. critique this opener...

    At a go up to a girl by the bar area that you find attractive and you say, "Listen, I need you to help me win a bet"...she goes "okay, hmmm how can i help" tell her that your friend (who you point to) told you that no decent (neg by inference) looking women ever buy guys drinks and that he bet you couldn't get a single girl to do tell her listen, we're gonna cheat and we'll both win...he'll never know..."take this twenty, and buy 1 shot and two beers...and come bring them to me over there" (point to where you'll be standing)...she'll get a free beer out of it and will be down...and when she comes back you start more gaming....any comment? critiques? modifications; think it will work?

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    Field test it. Like 15 times, and report back.

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    Any girl who doesn't like you to begin with will just take the drink and get out of there, or she might talk to you for 5 minutes just to be polite, but that won't really get the point across that you're high value; playful or anything.

    If anything I think it just shows her that you really can't get a girl to buy you a drink.

    But hey, if you like it, field test it and let us know how it goes, at the end of the day, we can write about it all we want, but that's not going to tell us how it works on the field.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by GilBelford
    If anything I think it just shows her that you really can't get a girl to buy you a drink.
    Yup. Kinda conveys the wrong things.

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    You could try it, but do you really want to give someone you don't know a twenty?

    The way I'd do this is to get her to find a girl to buy the drink, not an excuse to bring her to your table. No money should be coming out of pocket until you win or lose a bet. The challenge would be for your target to find a female to buy the drink for your friend.... and rule "decent" out.

    There's a lot of situations you can find girls to go in on a joke with you, scam drinks off of douchebags for you (not necc. AFCs, but guys that annoy them and throwing money around to get attention, but they usually try to avoid them), etc.

    Give your way a try, I'll never say don't try it unless I feel it'll ruin your night. I just think handing money out is potentially a bad idea. Once she's at the table and offers to get drinks, then that's fine, she's pretty much going to be hanging out... but now you have a third wheel situation. That's also why it's good to approach sets early, fast and move throughout the venue, build up familiarity, so later on you can bring other girls over, other guys that seem cool and not desperate, but the number of women should be higher than the men at the table or tables. I've done this at places where no one was really saying anything to each other, and no one was dancing, just people huddled off in corners looking bored as hell. The dynamic changed big time.

    You're also making her stand on a line at the bar, by herself, and who knows how long she has to wait. And I know most guys are going to say that's a bad idea to leave her on her own for a significant period of time, or you better have a really strong frame where you're used to having girls buying you drinks! If anything, both of you should go to the bar and you handle the money part. So.... tell her what you want to do, but have her go to the bar with you, and make her carry the drinks.

    Just some food for thought. Still - do it your way so you have that experience of going through it and can say for sure how it went. Or do it at a happy hour, so you're not spending much. I just think when it comes to betting, you want to pay at the end or get some sort of compensation, even if it's not money. Which can be really, really fun when it's not.

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