First facebook friend request from a girl I met. Critique me so far.

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  1. First facebook friend request from a girl I met. Critique me so far.

    Meet this girl at a party, cute asian. She is in my social circle. See her two nights later at a bar. We flirt a lot through out the night make her laugh a bunch, kino. Next day She face booked me.(no number because my friend got it but i don't think she was feeling him at all). But a girl has never found me and friended me on facebook so I think this is Significant? Anyway this is our posts so far. How do you think I responded?

    Me: Hey! Who the hell are you? I was obviously joking but I dont think she realized.

    Her: the girl that used up all your credits on ridiculous songs at bar last night. sorry btw haha

    Me: OH THAT GIRL. Sorry it's just that gorgeous girls are friending me like all day everyday. But it's totally fine do not worry about it. Seriously though you have to make it up to me. How well can you cook?

  2. cool. similar thing happened to me. met girl at party. little bit of kino. she fed me food. but bounced with her friends when i didn't know. I woke up in a lawn chair, didn't except to ever hear from her again. then 3 days later she friends me on facebook. A person you on the fringe of your friend circle or someone you don't know finding you on facebook, that has to be a big IOI.
    I asked for her number over facebook. called her a couple times to invite her out. So I could work on the attraction some more. Never happened tho. Not sure what went wrong.

    I think it is big to get them to hang out again. If I could have managed this i think we would have hit it off.
    When i say hang out i mean hang out, not go on a date.

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