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  1. Advanced Bootcamp at Playboy Mansion

    Hey guys, what's up? I'll make this short and sweet. This past weekend I had the oportunity to go to the playboy bootcamp. I was a little leary about spending the money at first b/c I don't make that much but after going to it all my doubts were erased. I know now that I can do this stuff. The instructors were great and more importantly they were the real deal. Savoy broke girls down logically which I've been trying without success to do my whole life, then he backed it up infield. Braddock and Prestige pushed me and gave me the courage in the field to go for it. I recommend anyone on the fence about whether to take a bootcamp or not to just go for it. Like I told Mike Long when he asked me my reason for signing up for the playboy bootcamp I told him 'If not now, when?'

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    Playboy Mansion - Savoy

    Short of the Long:

    Teacher (Savoy) : High skills in the field, very impressive; skills as a teacher, and knowledge of women. Oh, yeah, the stories kill.

    Playboy mansion : Lucky Hef, it was amazing. Who would think that a couple hundred girls in lingerie would be fun. That's right... Everyone...

    Instructors : Very knowledgeable, helpful, all around good guys.

    Long of the Long:

    I'll right, I've been reading some material, basically as reference, because, "Hey, I do fine out there". I've been around for a long time (older guy), I've seen a lot, done a lot. To the average guy, I've lived, and I'm still living well. Why did I sign up: I just want to go to the mansion. Yeah, I'll listen at the seminar, I'll go out with these guys, and in the mean time, I'll show them what I can do.

    I've never considered myself a PUA, but at the very least, a natural. And in a way, MAYBE. I'm a funny guy, and can always entertain the ladies. So... it seems that's where it stops. I think it's a great night, if I mess with a lot of women, and keep them laughing/entertained. Don't get me wrong, I still think this is cool, but why not go deeper.

    So, first day of class, it seems no one listened to the invitation, and all students were basically first time seminar attendees. This was supposed to be an advanced boot camp, and I almost didn't show up because of this, but in the end, I wanted to go to the mansion.

    Savoy, had a tough job to get first-timers ready for the prelimary party, no less for game at the mansion. He flew through the beginning seminar material, throwing in great stories, and my favorite line "not that this has ever happened". I'm a science guy, this material, even though we're talking about pick-up, had a calculated/scientific feel to it, and can be proven. Which it was.

    We went out: my move, get to the bar. Turned around, the instructors all in sets. I didn't even get my drink yet. I winged with a few of the other students, throwing around material like I knew it, I didn't. I ended up having a great time. Two beautiful girls, one on each arm, one the angel, one the devil, they were telling me to... devil: "do it", and angel: "don't do it", every time we approached another set and engaged in somewhat unusual/sexual behavior. Well, as I said, I entertained.

    I ended up recruiting some guy at the bar to wing me as I did what I usually do, intercept sets at the bar and entertain. Had a great time, but due to my own fault. Did not get the experience of watching the instructors as I intended to do. Damn alcohol. Old days: success. Now: Entertained with out much depth, much to learn.

    The next day, Savoy could now teach the curriculum as listed, as we were "up to speed", sure we were. Some of the guys had some good stories about the previous night. Good for them, they hung out with the instructors. That class, I was entirely impressed by the teaching style, and knowledge of Savoy. I didn't think it was going to be this deep, and well presented. I looked forward to all the tangents taken, which would include a "hypothetical situation", or not so hypothetical, to illustrate a point. I could hear myself say "I knew that", or "I tell guys that!", but didn't really explore the concept in as much depth that I was hearing it and would just smile knowing, "this guy really knows...".

    The playboy mansion itself, lived up to all hype and preconceived notions, that I ever had, for the exception of the Grotto, it was not crazy, but mellow, and just plain hot (temperature). This is probably due to the fact that we were at a charity event, rather than the famed Halloween or MidSummer's Party. The charity event was breast cancer, and I fully support breasts (don't know what that has to do with anything, just wanted to say that). Aside from that, I was just glad to see a couple hundred hot girls in lingerie or some of them nothing on. Oh, yeah, and we can game every one of them.

    Unfortunately, I go into entertainment mode for the exception of one goal I had. Frame them... where ever they want to take your thread, frame them YOUR way... and that, I did... At one point, I made, with my fingers, a "frame" (square) around this girl's face, she asked what I was doing, I told her, "I was framing her". She had the gall to try to re-direct my conversation, imagine that!

    Again, I needed to watch the pros, but went my own way, having a great time, but would have learned so much more, if I could focus on the game, rather than the set of double D's that passed me every five seconds. Ok, so it wasn't so bad...

    I have to give special props to Braddock, he was chatting up this beautiful asian target, breasts hanging out, but whose weren't, she was loving him. I leaned over and asked him to help this one guy, and he jumped up, said "I'm here for you guys", and went in to help. At home, you would be cursed for interfering like that, he WAS there for this guy, and all of us.

    My read on the whole experience. Worth it.

  3. Playboy Mansion Savoy

    I decided to attend this for 2 reasons.

    1. Savoy was teaching the event.
    2. I would get to go to the Mansion.

    I have to tell you even when you are good at this stuff...

    Sometimes you just need a swift "kick in the ass" and I got that.

    Savoy's direct no' bullshit approach is so simple that I found myself getting "antsy" in my seat and just waiting to spring out into the field and get going.

    What I like about the Love Systems model is that it simplifies things to a level where you can "just do it"

    The only way anyone exposed to this material in this fashion could fail is simple. YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE LAZY! and just not do anything.

    It's all there and worth every penny. You know so many people just sit by on the sidelines and make excuses. What I like about Savoy's game is it is relentless. He is driving the train of life and and ready to see the world and what's possible. He said it best. "You will be surprised what you can get away with and what you are capable of if you just do it.

    The stories and all the funny anecdotes just reinforce the principle bottom line.

    Get the girl. Take Her and she will love you for it!

    On Sunday evening Savoy took me to a cool bar in LA during our one on one.

    On the way he called up a model that was easily a "9" that he met in 5 minutes at The Mansion the night before,

    He also invited 2 other girls he had slept with before to join us as well.
    Hell why not! (you see why I like his style)

    He got two of them making out and just kept pushing the envelope.

    He could have easily pulled off another threesome but he left with the "9"

    He looked like a lion in the field in Africa with his pride!

    That's the way to live.

    Just do it! You will be glad you did.

    You only live once!

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    Great BC! I tried to talk you guys into going to Saddle Ranch instead, but whatever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Braddock View Post
    Great BC! I tried to talk you guys into going to Saddle Ranch instead, but whatever.
    Dont do it.. you'll just end up in the back of an LAPD squad car accused of using fraudulent bills... for 45mins while your mates just laugh at you...

    ...or is that just me?

    Former Love Systems Instructor

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    Playboy Mansion

    I visited the Playboy Mansion Bootcamp with Savoy and I must say that the girls at the Mansion were out of this world. They were friendly and approachable which means you could run your game effectively. Savoy and his team did a good job in coaching and I feel that I got my money's worth.

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    So here is my report for the Playboy Mansion Advanced bootcamp. It’s a little long, but I figure if someone is considering spending thousands of dollars on a bootcamp, I might as well be as detailed as possible.

    The reasons I signed up for the events were (in order of importance): the focus was on 9s and 10s, Savoy was teaching it, it's an advanced bootcamp, and I got to go to the playboy mansion. I can seem to attract 7s and 8s alright, but it’s the 9s and 10s that I really want and they seem to be tricky. It excited me to have a bootcamp focused on that area. I had read about Savoy before, and he is the real deal. He also went to my college and has a good business mind, so I wanted to learn from him. I deal in finance for a living, and I viewed this bootcamp not as an expense, but rather as an investment.

    Friday was a basic review of the original model (approach, transition, attract, etc). Nothing new here, you can learn all that in Magic Bullets. But Friday was meant to be a review day, so that’s fine. The best part of the day was practicing openers on Savoy. He gave good feedback, and I would have liked more of this. The “drill” was over after we transitioned; it would have been cool if we practiced attraction as well. Friday night we go out.

    I wrote up a field report for both Friday and Saturday if anyone’s interested, but they are pretty long so I didn’t include them here. I was basically talking to girls the whole time both nights. I got two numbers Friday night and a make-out Saturday night. I could have gotten farther physically with girls both nights, but I wanted to keep gaming and see if I could get better girls, so I said I had to go to the bathroom to basically ditch them. I felt bad since they were both cute girls and sweethearts, but I wanted to practice more.

    Saturday Savoy revealed to us the new Love Systems Triad model. Practically no one has seen it before, we were the first, so that was cool. He is going to reveal it at the Super Conference, so I won’t go into much detail here about it. The new triad model is kind of a dichotomy. It is so simple and elegant, and it will help people remember what to do next. In a set and you don't know what to do next? Just follow the path to the center. Genius!

    We covered a lot of topics during the seminar. A decent amount of the material I was familiar with already, but obviously I learned some new things. Savoy is a good teacher, and some of his stories are hilarious.

    Are the instructors good in field? I’m sure they are, but to be honest, I didn’t really see them in action too much because I was kind of doing my own thing. I saw Savoy with a hot girl on his lap both nights, and he later said that he was able to do this within minutes of meeting them. Braddock was constantly doing mini-sets on Friday where he would open set after set and bring us in. That is a way to social-proof yourself to the club. There was a cool guy who worked in the Love Systems office who was there to help out (he wasn’t an instructor), and he f-closed a good-looking blonde on the grounds of the playboy mansion. Savoy bounced with a group of people back to his place Friday night and number closed a few girls over the weekend. I didn’t hear of anybody else hooking up; that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means I didn’t hear about it.

    As I said the main reason I signed up for the seminar was to find out how 9s and 10s should be gamed, and I assumed there would be different material for those girls. But it's weird, there wasn't much different material for 9s and 10s during the seminar. When I asked Savoy how is the model different for 9s and 10s as opposed to 7s, he said the new Triad model is specifically designed with 9s and 10s in mind. So I signed up for a seminar that focused on 9s and 10s, but they aren't treated that differently in the model. In a way that's empowering, in a way it's disappointing. But it is what it is. We did cover specific types of 9s and 10s though, such as strippers and porn stars, and those girls are treated differently than others. So in that respect I got what I came for.

    There were three levels of the bootcamp, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. One of the main reasons to do a bootcamp is to get the feedback, and because I was seminar-only, I didn’t get much feedback. If you are of intermediate skill and want to get a lot of good individualized feedback, I would say go for a one-on-one training. I also didn’t get to see the instructors approach, which is my main regret, however that was my own fault. Savoy did a good job of giving out everyone’s cell phone numbers and the instructors were more than happy to let us watch. I was just busy with the girls I was gaming.

    Since the bootcamp I have gone out a few times. I met a girl at a networking event and ended up bouncing with her and making out with her, had two girls feel my junk at the same time at a hotel bar in Miami, had two girls with boyfriends make out with each other so I could take a picture, kiss-closed two girls in the same night, had a girl in her mid-twenties give me the first bj of her life, number-closed a girl at the beach, did direct game on hotties during the day, etc... I have had success similar to this before the bootcamp, but I must say that I am having more frequent and consistent success after taking the bootcamp. I attribute this partly to the triad model, partly to just seeing how master PUAs act. After seeing some very good PUAs in action, I know I have the potential to do what they do. I am as good as they are in some areas, but I have a long way to go in other areas.

    Bottom line: am I glad I did it? Absolutely.

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    Advanced Bootcamp at Playboy Mansion - LA, August 2009

    I had high expectations for this bootcamp since I had great experiences in the prior two bootcamps I've taken... my expectations were met. This was an amazing couple of days.

    First, I must mention that the instructor to student ratio was outstanding. There was a ratio of one instructor for every two students. The line-up of instructors teaching the bootcamp was amazing: Savoy, Future, Dahunter, Prestige, Helicase, and Starlight were all in attendance.

    I enjoyed the format of the classroom portion, as it was very helpful to have the other instructors chime in when Savoy was teaching different topics. Future was especially helpful in the classroom, as he led the discussion on many topics and did an outstanding job of conveying the information.

    The review of the Love Systems Triad Model was refreshing and necessary, and although I already had an excellent understanding of the model I still received numerous helpful advanced tidbits of information from the various instructors. I really liked how each instructor would "chime in" whenever they had a tip to give that corresponded with the material we were going over. The discussion about what the Playboy Mansion girls would be like was very helpful and it was explained in such detail that I felt very knowledgeable about what it would be like sarging at the Mansion.

    I really enjoyed when we broke into small groups for the storytelling exercise. I learned a ton from Helicase when we did this. It was very, very helpful. We covered many advanced topics like threesomes, stripper game, elevator game, day game, and other various topics. This was great and I learned a ton from it. This was the kind of advanced material that I was looking forward to. Future's lecture about breakthrough comfort was fascinating! I'm already signed up for his breakthrough comfort bootcamp in Vegas this October.

    In-field on Saturday night at the Playboy Mansion was UNBELIEVABLE. I have NEVER seen so many 9's and 10's in one place before. There were sets all over the place! It was like sarging heaven. My goal for the night was to get as much time as possible in a set with an instructor or have them observe me while I was in a set. It's so easy to just get stuck in a set alone with a girl during one of these bootcamps (especially if you're somewhat advanced) and although you gain short-term with that girl you sacrifice long-term gain because you aren't getting the maximum amount of instruction. With all of these amazing instructors at my disposal I wanted to make sure I learned as much as possible from them. I achieved my goal and I'm glad I did this, as I was rewarded with amazing feedback and got to see some of the best instructors in the business at work in the field.

    I spent a lot of time in-field with Future and Helicase. Future was excellent with helping me out. I told him, hey I want to go work some sets with you and he dropped whatever he was doing and we began to open some sets together. Future pinpointed my weak spots and gave me tips to fix them. Helicase, as always, was unbelievable. He is the under-the-radar hero of each bootcamp he's at. He's been at all three of my bootcamps so far and he ceases to amaze me. He does some of the craziest things in field and has ridiculous success with it. His style is very unique and I'm glad I had the pleasure of partying with him once again. Starlight was also around me a bit in-field and he is definitely a great instructor and person.

    The in-field portion was a dream. The only regrets I have is that we only got to spend that one night in-field. I really wish we had gone out Friday night too, so I could have spent a more significant chunk of time in-field with the other instructors. It's pretty much impossible to get significant in-field time with all of the instructors in one night just due to the nature of high-energy sarging environments. I would have loved to work more with Savoy, Dahunter, and Prestige in-field.

    I definitely recommend the Advanced Bootcamp for anyone who's looking to take their game to the next level! These bootcamps are so much fun, on top of learning a ridiculous amount of useful information on getting women. See you all in Vegas this October at the Superconference!

  9. Advanced Bootcamp at Playboy Mansion - L.A., August 2009

    It is 5:21 am PST, I’m tired as shit, the scotch is still seeping from my pours, and I’m happier and prouder than I can ever remember being! Which is why I have to just tell someone what just happened despite my current state. The final text of the weekend just arrived “I had a flocking good time J” she writes… time stamp: 5:23 am PST. A straight up 10, one of the Playboy Playmate recruits from the mansion Sat night, just left my hotel room. She’s focking gorgeous and bones like a porn star!

    I’m starting at the end though. Freeze frame to about 2 weeks ago when I got an LSI e-mail from Savoy about at an Advanced Bootcamp at the Playboy Mansion. I had hit a rut in my game and couldn’t shake it so I said F-it! Jump into the deep end and do an Advanced Bootcamp. If I want to be able to pull magazine cover quality girls, then I better put myself in an environment where they congregate. So, I borrowed the cash piecemeal from several family members and made it happen. I spent all of last week shitting a brick! I’m going to be surrounded by Playboy Playmates completely naked with their lingerie painted on! I get to L.A. and Saturday’s seminar starts. After the first hour of instruction from Savoy and the team of instructors they put me completely at ease and ridiculously confident about going into the evening.

    The Triad Model is the Key!!! The lessons I learned on Saturday were huge for turbo charging my game. I always have a fail-safe option if I freeze in a set. When you don’t know what to say or do and your totally lost in a set, and thinking “Oh Shit! I’m about to get bounced”… I now know what to do in those situations that never fail! At the Advanced Bootcamp I learned the only 3 life-lines I need in order to not only stay in the set, but advance it! This alone was worth thousands!

    Another HUGE piece was having Future critique 2 of my personal stories/routines and explain how to tell the best stories is fricking priceless. He’s a comic! His business is delivery of entertaining stories. I hate talking, period. So this was a real weakness for me. But I now know how to weave a concise story that has maximum impact from the fewest words. Future is a sick linguist! He’ll teach you how to sell yourself better than you could ever possibly imagine, by using only facts that you provide. With the Sat seminar done, it was time to gear up for the Mansion!

    The night at the Playboy Mansion was sick! Anything and everything you can imagine, plus more! Dripping hot girls everywhere. The most over dressed were in lingerie.

    I opened a few sets and some of the other guys brought me into theirs. I then hit a cold spell and fell out of state. Fortunately, Savoy brought me back in to the game and challenged me to open a 2-set and I got my flow back. Having this level of instructors in the field with you coaching and winging for you is priceless!!!

    Highlights: I was working a large, nebulous set of about 8/9 girls that started with 3 but just grew as more of their friends showed up. One of the other LSI students was a huge help. A big beast of an NFL player came around the whole place inviting girls to his $10k-for-the-night cabana for free drinks. I had been qualifying my blonde target and she was still focused on me, but all of her friends were going but motioned like I should come too. So I let her move me.

    Once in the cabana with my blonde, on of the go-go dancers that had been on the stripper pole for the first 2 hours opens me hard, so I start working on her and let the blonde take pictures with her friends. After 10 minutes the big ass NFL lineman tries AMOGing me, grabs the go-go dancers hand and tries pulling her away to go smoke. She straight disses him saying he has sausage fingers. He says some chest-thumping “I’m a NFL player”-type shit and she just replies “I’m not impressed with your money” and she leans into me! After a while I felt like moving on, but I got her number.

    Late in the evening I thought I was finished for the night with 45 min before close. BUT fortunately, I bumped into Prestige who was giving a student props for a crazy success after some in field coaching from Savoy. He pumped me up and gave me the in-field guidance to get back into state and keep approaching. I can’t tell you how huge it is to have such masters in-field with you, watching you, demonstrating for you, winging for you, and real time coaching! So, thanks directly to Prestige and indirectly to Savoy, I got a second opportunity with a 10 I was working on earlier and followed the Triad Model to the letter using all I had learned that day. I managed to pull the trigger perfectly and my timing of the first kiss was perfectly calibrated! I have been painfully aweful at that my whole life. But I blasted through all the steps and was getting into Seduction on Heff’s rear lawn. I had the skill and confidence to just say “let’s get out of here and go to my hotel”. As warned, logistics from the Playboy Mansion are unusually challenging as everyone has to take mini-buses there to/from a single meeting point. I got AMOGed on the bus ride home, and was pretty vexed, but I let the douche do his thing and preserved the value she her perceived in me. I didn’t compete for her. I’ll do a field report on this case later. Point is, I made UNFATHOMABLE progress and unstuck most of my big sticking points all in 1 day! If you’re postponing a Bootcamp until you get a little better… STOP… THAT’S STUPID! You’ll get months of experience in a weekend.

    Next day was also huge. Helicase gave me some fantastic AMOG busting tips so that I know exactly what to do if that ever happens again. Constructing a 3-way seems painfully simple now, and I intend to start practicing the technique next weekend. Finally, and most importantly! STARLIGHT IS A GOD! After the Sunday seminar he gave me a personal 5-10 min debriefing on my whole night as I had some particular questions. His advise led me to text the girl I lost on the bus home and sure enough she wanted to hang out. Starlight gave me some great text game coaching (which I SUCK at) and as a result, my 10 showed up at my hotel and I closed the hottest girl I’ve ever been with! All-in-all, the best weekend of my life!

    I have a huge boost to my inner game. Not because I slept with the hottest chick I’ve ever had, but because my frame through which I view the world and ridiculously beautiful women is permanently altered. 10s and nobody else is better than me nor deserves any excess value over me simply for how they look or because they get their picture taken a lot. I had a group of pro NFL players in a cabana and the alpha of their group trying to rip a girl from me. She went nowhere, stayed with me, and he played him self out asking repeatedly and getting a stone cold no. I got a well-paying job, but not NFL-money! Don’t matter. FOCK him! Why should I presume he has more value than me? As you start to deal with those you perceive to be way out of your league with some social agility, you will have a paradigm shift as did I this weekend. You’ll begin to understand and realize they are not even close to having the value you ascribed to them. As DaHunter advised someone in the debrief, you can’t divide the world into 7/8s and 9/10s or any other common vs. elite categories. The moment you do, you ascribe the elite group unearned, unwarranted value, and torpedo yourself. I nodded my head “like obviously”, but I still do it. And all of the instructors agreed they did it to and it’s hard not too, but you have to train yourself. As I put her in the cab this morning, and said “hey” before I kissed her goodbye, she says “why do you say that like you just saw me for the first time?” I played it off with “cuz your sleeping standing up”, but I’m still doing it even after this weekend! Truth is cuz she has the face of an angel and I’ve never been 3 inches away from something so beautiful and I am mesmerized by how happy SHE IS just to be 3 inches away from me. But I remind myself to keep my shit together – she’s not special. DaHunter said it takes practice – it’s what you have to do. I believe this is the tipping point between being an AFC and a PUA or social master of whatever degree. Follow all of the LSI training and advice in order to get yourself to a point where you can understand this value frame for yourself.

    Alright, I’ll edit this later. I’m going back to sleep! Three cheers for Love Systems Advanced Bootcamp! Thanks for seriously upgrading my life!

    PS – I final shout out to B.W. who was a student at the Advanced Bootcamp as well. This guys is the most spectacular wing you could ever imagine. He jumped all over my 10’s friend (aka: “the grenade”) who was INTENT on being a twat swat for the weekend. I would not have been able to close without him. Anyone in Seattle area should link up with B.W.! I’ll highlight his superhero abilities in more detail when I do a FR on my 10.

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    Advanced Bootcampt at The Playboy Mansion August 09

    For those of you who don't want to bother reading a very long post, I will give you the bottom line right now: If you are serious about improving the quality and quantity of women that you bring into your life, and the frequency in which you do this, don't think twice - take your bootcamps. Take THIS bootcamp, should it happen next year. For starters, from the moment that I signed up on the list, it was Savoy himself who contacted me to see if I was serious about it. He asked me where my level of game was and where I wanted to go. We had several email conversations discussing this. He prepared me on the spots I needed to work on and linked me up with Future so he could help reinforce my storytelling weaknesses. The day of the seminar finally came. We had Savoy, Future, Prestige, Dahunter, Helicase, Starlight, and Bonsai.

    Before the program, I had previously taken a BC with The Don over a year ago, and have studied plenty of material, including Magic Bullets and The Routines Manual. As I told Savoy, I have come a very, very long way. I used to be extremely shy all throughout high school, never had a girlfriend, had no fashion sense, and the coolest thing I had going on for me was owning the year's next-gen videogame consoles along with a collection of anime and hentai. All that began changing, very slowly but very steadily. Fast forward 5 years, I consistently open cold sets and achieve attraction at least 50% of the time. The rest of my game throughout the model is very shaky, but I've learned, and been reassured by Savoy himself, that those who begin as hopeless individuals end up as some of the best, given that we have become so impervious to failure and misery and have learned by experience all the things that should not be done or said!

    Before I continue with my review, I have to mention something that happened on my way back home: I left the notebook where I took about 8 pages worth of notes inside one of the seat pockets in one of the airplanes, and realized it after I boarded the second plane. I made all efforts afterwards to recover it, but being a "low dollar value item", it was thrown in the trash by a cleaning crew. I still can't get over the fact that I lost it and it angers me every time I think about it. We received so much information from Savoy and Future, as well as the other instructors, that it is very hard to digest it all and remember it all at once. So if there are any of you who took this bootcamp reading this review, my brothers, I would really appreciate it if you could share your notes with me!

    The information that I remember the most, was the detailed explanation of the Love Systems Triad and it's direct relation to the "Oh shit buttons" (when your mind goes blank or you're not sure what to do next). We then received a very detailed description of what would happen at the Mansion and what kind of things we had to keep in mind when gaming 9's and 10's who are scantily clad or only wearing paint as clothing. At some point we had about 20 minutes with an instructor (1:2 ratio) who would help us mold our introduction story and the reason we would present when asked what we were doing at the Mansion. This definitely helped. During about the last half-hour of the day 1 seminar, Future gave valuable information regarding Breakthrough Comfort, which is applied on Long Term Relationships (LTRs). It was golden knowledge, knowledge that every man needs to have.

    We were given about 1 hour to go back to our homes / hotel rooms to change and head to the parking lot where a shuttle would take us to the Mansion itself. I mentioned this at the seminar, and I will mention it here, your actions in the shuttle on the way to the Mansion, and on the way back from the Mansion, will have a huge impact on your game for the rest of the night. While I was in the shuttle, I happened to be seated in front of a woman that we all concurred to call Stifler's Mom, so I chatted with her and entered the Mansion with the company of a MILF. We were each others' photographers for the rest of the night.

    During this field session, the instructors were strategically spread out through the bar, dance floor area, cabanas, and anywhere where they could observe students do approaches and do approaches themselves. I had the pleasure of meeting Prestige at the NYC bootcamp, and he was with me for a good part of the night observing my approaches, and participating on my set with a 9 model from San Francisco who would not stop talking about how important it was for us to be nice to gay men that hit on us lol. I later got in an AMOG situation with a friend of hers, which resulted in her telling us both to fuck off… a great lesson learned! (Won't deny it was painful to lose that cutie… but life goes on!) Earlier on in the night, Savoy saw me wandering by myself and pushed me to approach a nearby set, which included a hawaiian bombshell that poses nude on webcams for her site, (fact that I didn't know at the time, I found out once I got home and googled her name) and a blond 10 who was giving me tons of IOIs. I didn't pursue since at that moment the SF model above mentioned joined our set and then I thought it best to bounce her off. There were definitely guys with some sick, natural game with lots of status, for which I'm proud to report that I had fellow students pull girls away from those. The most I got that night was a kclose and a couple of facebook contacts, but I only have myself to blame for that. It's not even a matter of blame, I was there to learn, and I learned a lot.

    If there is definitely one thing I must single out about both bootcamps I've had with Love Systems, is that fucking awesome feeling of having the instructors and your student peers out there with you. It's incredibly empowering. For one, it motivates you to do your best, because you want to make your instructors and your friends proud. Second, you have an amazing social safety net with them. Girls ask you who you're with? You're with your friends Savoy and Prestige (mention the real names of course) You have people to talk to for encouragement, and for instant feedback. And for fun. The third instructor that consistently pushed me into sets was Helicase. He suggested very direct approaches, which worked well at opening the sets and which I currently continue to use on girls that give me approach invitations / eye contact. They go very well with my flirty personality.

    Then we did a debrief of the events that took place the night prior. Half of the students had success / F close reports. As each student reported what they had observed and analyzed about themselves, we received feedback from the instructors' observations and remarks. Everybody seemed to be in the best of moods, as if we just had one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. We did.

    After the debrief, Savoy gave us several lectures on Threesomes, Elevator game, Day game, Stripper game, and Porn star game, including where to find them and how are they different from most women, and even how to apply Love Systems principles into business interactions and how to use them on other men in order to persuade or to win their friendship. Bonsai shared some of his knowledge on Stripper game as well. 70% of what was taught was something I hadn't heard of or wasn't familiar with. Numerous notes were taken… and lost… :'(

    Some of the things I liked the most about the program:

    -The abundance and richness of the information taught.
    -The consistent participation and knowledge shared by Prestige, Starlight, Helicase, Bonsai, and Dahunter.
    -The energy levels that the instructors maintained during the seminar and the event.
    -The depth and meaning of Future's words. That man is out of this world. I think he actually is an alien in disguise.
    -The direct involvement of Savoy and the fact that he communicated with, and worked with me, weeks prior to the event in order to ensure I was in good shape to take it.
    -Future's hilarity. I'm not kidding. That guy is fucking hilarious. He made us laugh every 2.36 minutes. For those who don't know it, he's a comedian. I'm surprised he isn't in Comedy Central!
    -The instructor : student ratio

    Some of the things I didn't like about the program:

    -Only one night in field. I understand that it isn't easy to get in the Playboy Mansion, but a night (or day, evening, etc) in field with the instructors would have definitely helped the students tune-up their sticking points before the bigger event.
    -We were constricted on time. Some of the material had to be rushed a tad bit, because of time. Instead of meeting at 2 PM, I would have gladly met at the conference room at 11 AM for the sake of getting those things that were missing.
    -The fact that I didn't get to wing with Future. lol

    In summary for the program, nothing in this world is perfect. And usually any shortcoming, any issue, was usually dealt with or made up for, one way or the other. My experience with Love Systems and their staff has been great. They are very professional and friendly. They understand people like us, because they were once in our shoes. I will say it again, for any man that wants to improve the quality of his life and the women he is surrounded by, these bootcamps are a must. There is a big difference between reading the material and then applying in the field what you have interpreted from it than to have an actual instructor teach it to you personally, let alone to see it in practice.

    Right now I'm at a point where I'm struggling to keep my momentum rolling. I have the fortune to work at a strip club, so my social circle game is improving every day. I still deal a lot with grief, anger, and self-punishing talk when my cold approaches go sour and I return home empty handed, but what is so great about studying and practicing dating science with Love Systems methods is that the next day you can look back with a cold head at the things that you did or didn't do the prior night, analyze them, break them down, and learn from them. One of my goals in life is to master this area of my life and to be able to help other men that go through the same pain and loneliness I have gone through. I know that the path that lays ahead is long, but I'm taking a step forward, every second. I look forward to meet with these amazing men once again.
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