How to pick up a second girl for a threesome?
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    How to pick up a second girl for a threesome?

    So I've got this amazing, totally crazy GF. Now, in about 1,5 months she will be moving away to Paris for a year, and seeing as we're both from Norway it's way to far and long to attempt a long distance relationship.

    Well, the thing is... On my birthday 6 days ago, she told me the coolest thing I've ever heard a girl say:
    "Since I'm moving and you're such an amazing guy I want to make our "break-up" special for you. I've been thinking about this, and since you've spent so much time learning how to pick up girls, I'm going to give you a challenge: If you can pick up a second girl, I'll be totally down with a threesome."

    I won't be able to do this until the weekend two weeks from now, so I will definitely spend the next 1.5 weeks preparing. As of now, I have no idea how I'm supposed to pick up that second girl... These are totally uncharted waters for me...

    So how do you guys reccomend that I do this? Just to give you an idea of what I was able to come up with myself, il post some different options I've considered:

    1: I pick up the second girl as if I didn't have a GF. I'll open the set, attract the girl I want, escalate kino to the point where we start making out, then stick a bit in the comfort phase before introducing her to my GF.

    Obvious problems in doing this: My GF is probably going to be jealous, and the girl I've picked up will probably think some DLV things about me doing this while my GF is in the same club... So I concluded that this option is a no-go.

    2: I just open sets and attract while going easy on the kino (read: definitely nothing obvious like for example biting. I'll just stick to the "innocent" kino such as palm reads etc..) Stick a bit in the comfort phase and ask where she stands on girl-on-girl sex, and then finally ask wether she would be down with a threesome with me and my GF or not. (At some point in doing this I'll have to bring my GF into the set and aquaint her...)

    Obvious problems: I don't know yet, it seems like the right way to go IMO, but it might be hard. I'll probably have to spend a lot of time in the comfort phase, and then in the end of the night start making the conversation more seductive and sexual. It kind of seems like if I do this I "bet all my cash on one horse", and if it fails I won't have a back up plan...

    3: Just go around and ask girls if they wanna join me and my GF on a threesome.

    Obvious problems: It will probably work out in the end, but I do want the second girl to be a HB 8+, and there are probably 1-5 girls in a normal club that I'll rank that high, and doing this I probably have to lower my standards. (Not really an option. This threesome will likely be the most memorable thing apart from my first time, and I want both the girls to be hot, not just my GF).

    Well this is where I'm at atm. Another thing I just thought about would be to just open a bunch of sets, then when I'm in the comfort phase just use my FTC and leave, then come back a little later. Basically do the same as in the second option, but with a bunch of options. The problem here is that the attraction I got opening will fade as I leave, then I'll have too high levels of comfort and too low levels of attraction...

    I really don't know how to do this guys... If anyone has done this before (or have a good idea on how to do it) please let me know. Also if any of you have some good routines for getting a second girl into bed, then by all means share:P
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    It's good if she has some attraction towards the girl, but not essential if she's doing it to please you. It just makes her more into the situation. You could find some random bi chick, and if you go "found her, let's do it", she might flake.

    I know Norweigans are pretty open minded and pretty casual about sex.

    To me it sounds like she's challenging you because I don't know if she's convinced you can do it.

    I'd want to know what type she's attracted to.

    Use the fact that you're leaving to your advantage... even if you don't get the threesome, you should still be scoring a lot of f-closes just because your time is limited.

    And forget about attempting a long distance relationship. Stay in touch, have no jealousy, and keep your mind focused on where you're at... if either of you date other people, if you think it's going to bother you, then end it before you leave so there's closure and no long distance jealousy issues. You've built something cool up and things could be very different the next time you see her. Enjoy every moment with her right now, threesome or not.

  3. You should get your GF to do the gaming. The target will be more receptive to this.

    The 2nd girl should be less attractive than your GF

    Prepare yourself for some uncomfortable emotions with your GF following the experience. You might end up regretting the whole thing for this reason alone.

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    Ahh I thank you for a good reply.

    After speaking to my GF it seems we are going to do the gaming together (she said she is looking more forward to doing that then the actual sex)... Any tips on how to approach this? Will probably work it self out if we find a girl that's already in to it, but as this is my first ever serious chance of (actually) having a threesome, I don't want to take any chances. So when we go into the field I want to be as prepared as I can possibly be!

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    Hey Zephy,
    I know this was a while ago but I'm curious if it worked out! I'm in a similar same boat- I'm a bi girl, been with a guy for 3 years and we're both really into the idea of a 3some- we're goodlooking but for some reason haven't had any luck trying to pick up a second chick at bars... were you successful?? any tips?

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    Why not put ads up on craigslist or something? Drop a dragnet and see what you get?


    In my opinion, sexual experiences should always begin with open communication. You never know what's going to happen "in the heat of the moment" but if you've talked about it beforehand then at least you've set ground rules and you can feel more comfortable while it's actually happening.

    You should check out they're all about transparency and keeping the threesome classy. Let me know if it works out for you.

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