Avoiding the cheek turn when going for the kiss?
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  1. Avoiding the cheek turn when going for the kiss?

    Hey guys,
    I just recently had a couple of day 2's with girls I met online. I've been working on my kino, and during both dates I worked in some light kino throughout. Both day 2's involved walking in the city, coffee, and took place during the day.

    At the end of both day 2's I went in for the kiss. No routines. I just made eye contact and went in. Each time I got a cheek turn and a hug.

    Any suggestions on how to avoid this and get a kiss? My own guesses are the following:

    1) I should have tried to go for it earlier in the day 2
    2) Maybe my frame was too weak and I didn't make eye contact long enough before going in (i.e., my own body language said "hug me")
    3) Conversation may have been to plain

    Be brutal. Any help is much appreciated.

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    keep going for it...

    keep the kino up...

    dont get impatient...

    you might be her first kiss? soo she could be scared? ask her....

  3. kiss on the cheeks first...they ll feel more comfortable with your touch of lips.

    then kiss on lips.

    after that.....look in her eyes...then again look at her lips...and now go for proper kiss.

    if u r not super comfy with kissing her...she will be much less comfy getting kissed by u.

  4. Thanks guys. I'm glad to hear that Darth. I opted for the peck on the cheek. I gotta hustle out there and use this stuff in the field. When/if day 3, I'll let you know how it works out.

  5. Some things you should pay attention to:

    1. Don't kiss at the end of the date, too boring... surprise her! Go for it in the middle, then push her, then continue talking about the weather or whatever like nothing happened..
    2. Kiss them on a BT (buying temperature) spike.
    Ex 1: When you tell something extremely funny and they crack up
    Ex 2: (my fav) when you tell them how fucking cute they are -> hug -> physical push and takeaway (now they experience a BT spike and their emotions flood them) -> go for a quick kiss, no EC. Their mind is overloaded to even process what you're going to do and decide whether to reject you or not.
    3. Consistency is key; some girls from various reasons would give you a cheek on your first try but will let you on the second or third. The possible reasons are too many to list, just take that into account and if you got a cheek, after some time try kissing again from another angle (not literally lol).

    Note: if you got a cheek you're entering a negative momentum, which is not recommended. ie the IDEAL is a successful kiss on the first try. So you can call "consistency" as some sort of damage control frame. Got rejected first time? you're now on damage control, think rational;
    If you lack attraction, then you PROBABLY can't change that 180 in a few minutes. (cause if you could, it means your attraction skills are high enough to get her attracted in the first place) So attraction is irrelevant.
    Maybe you lack Comfort? yeah, tell 1-2 funny stories about awkward or embarrasing moments you've had, share a few vulnerabilities.
    Kino? Probably, kino escalate a few levels higher.
    After that try again.
    If you got rejected the 2nd time the chances are lower in the third time... but you've got nothing to lose.
    Don't push the same buttons (comfort and kino), you've already done what you could; If previously you tried to do it low-energy, deep EC beforehand, then went for the kiss and got rejected, try doing it with BT spikes, high-energy etc.

  6. ^ u r rite....dont make it predictable.

    when she is expecting it the most on the first date...i.e its so obvious....Dont do it..

    but at the same time..escalate to other areas....hug her...go behind her neck..run your hands over her bare back (depends on her dress)...and hips.

    in most cases...they get erect nipples.

    and when u kiss later..or maybe on next date....u ll notice the passion with which she kisses u.

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    One more thought... You may be setting up a LTR frame. Which is usually a much slower process, and this may cause them to not want to kiss until XXX... Each one is different. And unless you are looking for a girlfriend...

  8. Thanks again men. Just had another first date with a different online girl. I worked the kino in more spots (leg, lower back, hair). She actually was really funny, and we got along really well. At one point, we locked eyes for a period of a few seconds, and I think I let the moment get away without kissing her. She went to the bathroom, and I thought "fuck it, if I dont' hurry it's going to be the end of the night." We had a quick laugh after she came back, I told her she was really cute, and I went for it [... trying to incorporate Voodooz's suggestions].

    She cheek turned almost immediately and went for the hug. It was almost weird. So I kind of stood there and left her hanging waiting for her to face me so I could kiss her. She looked at me and said, "what were you trying to do?". [Prob a shit test, eh?].

    Along the lines of Porky's advice [... to the extent I was being direct about it], I said, "I was trying to kiss you". She started qualifying why she didn't kiss me, so I said "Do you want to kiss me?" She said "yes, but not in the bar" and asked me if I was finished with my beer. We left and she initiated kino by putting her arm on my lower back. I walked her to her car and we kissed, but I kept it really light and was the first to break off (trying to follow Darth's advice to leave her wanting more).

    Thanks for your help guys. Talking about getting rejected was great. It reframed the awkward situation into the issue being why she didn't kiss me, instead of it being about my advance. Calling a girl out on that awkward stuff felt better, worked (led to a kiss), and the date was better after that because the ice was broken. Like I said, she reinitiated kino with me and was way more touchy-feely. Thanks again. I'll keep working it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boltneck View Post
    1) I should have tried to go for it earlier in the day 2
    Correct. Waiting too long can make things uncomfortable. You get that awkward end-of-the-night feeling. No good.
    2) Maybe my frame was too weak and I didn't make eye contact long enough before going in (i.e., my own body language said "hug me")
    There are kclose routines for a reason. I would try them.
    3) Conversation may have been to plain.
    Well, she wasn't excited about kissing you, that much is clear.

    In general, waiting until Day2 to kclose is a bad idea unless you are good at a slow burn.

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