UC Santa Barbara wing
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    UC Santa Barbara wing

    New to UCSB, need a wing, preferrably 21+

  2. moving to sb sep 20th, 18 though, but honestly it doenst matter unless youre trying to go to clubs.

  3. i am 20 i also need a wing to hang out with me . i can play and alone but with wing is a lot of more fun. write privete msg if u are interested .



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    Hey guys, I've been doing PU for a few years now here in SB. I'm a local, and go out to Isla Vista since I'm not 21 yet (I'm 20 right now, 21 in April 2010). I don't check here much anymore, but I'm in need of a new wing / wings.

    I'm a low pressure dude that won't push you into sets - unless that's what you want, I do / have done lots of approaches (probably 3000+ total). I just got out of a 9 month relationship, so I'm back in the game.

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    I'm 21 and fairly solid. Always looking for good wings.

  6. Grad student on UCSB campus, easy going, good wing, ready to go out.

    Lots of pretty girls on campus there days. PM me and we'll meet up.

  7. Hey im 21 and a senior at UCSB. Not a noob but not advanced. looking to meet some cool wings who'll motivate me. School starts tomorrow btw, so lots of new girls in new classes. PM me if anyone wants to meet up.

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    Hey everyone, new to SB, I'm a freshman going to SBCC, been doing PUA for some time now, hit me up if anyone wants to chill/talk about PUA/needs a wingman.

  9. new to pua, and I would like to meet people up and practicing more about the skills. I am a UCSB junior btw.

  10. yooo, i jut moved to isla vista hit me up if you wanna party one of these weekends

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