is this a good way to ask for a date to a girl in a relationship?
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    is this a good way to ask for a date to a girl in a relationship?

    so, there is this girl, i picked up her mail in a party, i saw her boyfriend was coming, so i said to her "it looks like your jealous brother its looking to me with that creepy look, why dont you give me your mail, and later we can have a talk?

    i have been busy partying with my friends, so i didnt have time to ask her for a date until know. i have been building attraction through msn.. she tells me compliments like "handsome" etc and she had never mentioned her boyfriend... we have fun and laughs through messenger, and she said she bought me something for me and that she needed to give it to me.. but i said i was busy that week jaja.

    anyway she still has a boyfriend, and i dont want her to feel guilty or feel shame for dating another guy while she is in a serious relationship. so i want to ask for a date her with the "just as friends" frame, then when im with her.. of course i will change it to "seduction frame"

    well, this saturday theres a party at a friend house, and i want to ask her out. im planning to call her with the following structure:

    hey its there hB name? (yes i am, hi.. etc)
    wow, you have a nice voice through phone, i was thinking your voice was going to sound like a spoiled little girl
    (why do you think that, blah blah)
    well theres a party at a friends house tomorrow, my date went on holidays to the beach, and i dont want to arrive there single, why dont you join me, just as friends?

    what do you think? i smell something bad in this conversation, thats why im asking for advice.

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    haha the just as friends frame will turn into a good fucking at the party. especially if its just you and her.

    too much to explain on what to say just read this

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    she didnt answer her cellphone, i will try to contact her in the week, its the opportunity to use sinn`s phone game technique. maybe next weekend its the date.

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    Try it and see how you go

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