Improving my style... SUGGESTIONS NEEDED
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  1. Improving my style... SUGGESTIONS NEEDED

    Sup fellas.

    Looking for some tips to improve my style. I'd best describe my style as like skater/surf with emphasis on bright and neon colours. (Brands include but are not limited to: Circa, Quiksilver, DC, Insight etc...) That may sound weird when you're reading it, but trust me I make it work.

    Also I have a slim/tall build, I tend to buy slim fit clothes.

    My shirts are usually bright with lots of colours. Pink, Light Blue, Bright Yellow, Purple, Lime Green and I can compliment easily this with a matching belt and shoes.

    I'm 19 now, and I know I should be moving out of the skater look soon and into more "real" fashionable clothes, but I'm wondering what types of necklaces or bracelets/watches I could pick up that would work well with my style.

    For a necklace I was thinking something upon the lines of a thin chain white gold or silver. Either that or something like a cloth lace with a tighter fit around my neck and an emblem in the middle

    For a bracelet/watch (really leaning towards a styleish bracelet) I really don't know what to look for... Any suggestions? (Pictures would help a great deal)

    Looking forward to what you guys got for me! Thanks again!
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    Go v neck shirts. long necklace that will fit your height. do you wear skinny jeans by chance?

  3. Uploading some more pics of my current wardrobe. (Sorry about the shitty pics and weird crops, I don't have a camera to work with right now)

    V-necks aren't really my style, never tried em out before though. Ill be sure to throw a few on next time I'm out shopping.

    Looking for more feedback.

    Any specific necklace/bracelet suggestions? (Mainly what I'm looking for)
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    You're a DJ, aren't you?
    All your women are belong to me.

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  5. You're a DJ, aren't you?
    Nope...??? Still looking for suggestions!

  6. Bumpity, let me know what you guys think!

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    Rip prescribes:

    A cool necklace / hat.

    Luckily GB reminded me of a cool necklace that will go great with your style.

    $18.99 + free shipping. Click here for it.

    And here's some hats you may/may not like, depending on your hairstyle blah blah blah.

    $17.99 + free shipping. Click here for it.

    I'm sure I can dig up some more. I'll post stuff I find in a bit if I have time.


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    I was about to say that your shoes scream beta.

    But after looking at the pictures that show your upper body, and especially the post by rip, it kinda makes sense.

    Everything's cool.

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    Keep wearing the dark skinny jeans...those are in right now.
    Find some vintage rock shirt, wear some cute (not slutty) heels, and over- sized sunglasses.

    Houston formal wear

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    This is probably not the sorta post you'll like man but, I'll throw it out there and you can use what you like. You got the Skaterboy look thing going on. Why not give it a rest man or better yet, mix it up. Some girls are gonna like that sorta look. Other girls aren't going too. I'm not saying fake it or be something your not. I am suggesting mixing it up. WHat about formal or semi formal/casual apparel? For instance, I'll rock my "Don't get too excited, i'm just the wing man" Abercrombie & Fitch tee. I'll pick up girls via/game/pick up/sarging and or she'll open me. I'll pick up women when in formal or semi formal casual apparel. In contrast though, I acknowledge i reach a different audience when dressed up. Its just a thought man. Think about it bro. CHeers!

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