they text you when they want to hang out but no reply when you text them to hang out
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    they text you when they want to hang out but no reply when you text them to hang out

    I'm referring to female friends and people in general. Not even trying to game this girl. This applies to both phone calls and texting. Even a couple of my guy friends do this.

    Not really sure how to handle this but it irritates me.

    One friend was texting/facebooking/calling a bunch for a bit to hang out and we did a few times, then shortly after she hung out with my gf and I she dropped off the face of the planet. I texted her a couple of times to see if she wanted to hang out for certain things and got zero reply.

    Then out of the blue she texts me today saying she wants to come along to somewhere I'll be.

    I replied, "Yeah, I'm going. I invited you a couple of times a while ago but didn't hear back. You should come tonight." I didn't get a reply and am not expecting one. In fact, now that I said that I'm expecting her not to show up again.

    I'm not trying to game this girl but this goes for people in general. How do I communicate that I don't tolerate this kind of behavior without being a little bitch about it? It just irritates me that I can text and it's ok for them never to respond but when they text me they expect a response and often get it, because I try to be straight up with people that way.

    What to do?

  2. There's not much you can do about it. Just hangout with them when they want to hangout. Girls have a lot of suitors texting them all the time. When they want to hangout with you you have to cease the opportunity.

  3. Might be because you have low social value in their eyes. Or maybe your in the outer rings of their social circle. They could text you when there is nothing better and ignore you because there is something better...Hate to be negative but this happens to me when I try to meet up with people I know but don't hang out with too often.

    Anyways just hang out with them when you can. Cease the opportunity like above poster said. Once you get closer to them you'll be able to invite them out and they'll realize you = fun.

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    That's the thing is that this girl has been out with me and had a blast. I think she liked me then realized I wasn't gonna leave my gf any time soon and decided to disappear. Guess I can't really fault her for that. I just hate the ignoring and then suddenly texting. It irritates me.

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