Can gaming wrong mess up your perception?
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    Can gaming wrong mess up your perception?

    I,ve been experimenting with the game and tactical seduction around 1 year now.I,ve had some good results and dissapointing ones.I,ve gotten laid,almost had a 4some,gotten several numbers,I,ve been called out on gaming and rejected more times than I care to think about.
    I cant help but feel like gaming has become very generic.When I meet girls now I find myself keeping score and trying to go along with the rules.Some times it works and sometimes it doesn,t.What bothers me though is the fact that my friends said they,ve noticed a change in me since I started trying the game out and I,ve noticed it to.Instead of improving it feels like things are just getting harder and keep getting less and less results.Its almost like I,m backtracking.
    I remember back in highschool there was so problem what so ever getting a girl and keeping her around for awhile.I really miss that and I want it to be that easy again and instead of keeping score when I talk to girls I want to actually pay attention to what shes saying every now and then.I dont mind getting rejected,I just hate feeling like I,m stuck in the same spot.

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    Did you move on to college or enter the work world after high school?

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    I went to the work world for 2 years then went to college.My second year of college is coming up and I wanna blow everybody away this year.I forgot to mention that part.I feel like its gonna be a fresh start

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