Talk by Mr M in Dublin, August 26th
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    Talk by Mr M in Dublin, August 26th

    Mr M, Love Systems' lead intructor in Europe, is making one last stop on his world tour to teach a bootcamp in Dublin, August 28th -30th.

    A lot of of people asked me if Mr M could come give a talk to the community while he's in Dublin. So here you have it, folks –

    Mr M will be giving a one-of-a-kind talk in Dublin on Wednesday, August 26th. The talk will be at Wynn's Hotel from 6-10p.m. Tickets are available here now.

    Mr M is like the Google of game – you can ask him anything and he's got the answer. Topics covered in the talk will include
    • 10 game – How to get the exceptionally beautiful, highly-prized women who already have dozens of guys chasing them
    • Social circle game – Not only the most natural way to pop beautiful women into your life without you ever having to do a cold-approach, but the best way to build an awesome lifestyle for yourself.
    • Same night lays – Whatever your goals with women, all dating experts agree that the sooner you turn things sexual the better. Learn the techniques to take girls home from clubs the same night you meet them.
    • Inner game – Anyone who's achieved mastery of the game knows that inner game is the most important factor in succeeding with women and finding fulfillment in your life. Learn about it from the man who created the Inner Game Seminar!

    If you're interested in not just seducing women, but building the rockstar lifestyle for yourself and being an example to those around you, Mr M is the man you want to talk to. You've probably already discovered that learning game has benefits beyond getting laid, right? Well here's your chance to pick the brain of someone who's universally respected in the community as one of the greatest examples, not just of seduction, but of lifestyle design and overall social mastery.

    Mr M's bootcamp is filling up fast and it is very unlikely that there will still be seats left by the time the talk rolls around. However, when you sign up for the bootcamp, we'll throw in a ticket to the talk for free.

    If you're new to the community and haven't heard of Mr M, here's the lowdown –
    • He is acclaimed as one of the best pick-up artists in the world and it's easy to see why. He is a 5''2' Asian guy who can pick up super-hot Playmates. The Seduction Bible ranks him as one of the top 10 PUAs in the world.
    • Mr M has been promoted to director of Love Systems Europe. He is the lead instructor and top dog for Love Systems in Europe.
    • Mr M has trained a lot of the best guys out there – Soul, 5.0, Keychain, Paladin, Starlight – guys who are now pick-up superstars in their own right. If you want to get really good at this stuff, wouldn't it make sense to learn from someone who's trained so many masters?
    • Mr M is the creator of Social Circle Mastery technology, which has revolutionized game. He is the authority on building a social circle full of beautiful, desirable women, powerful high-status men, and the people you want in your life. He recently used this technology to start hanging out with a billionaire and a super hot A-List celebrity (Mr. M won’t let me reveal her name because they will probably hang out in the future, but you can ask him once you meet him. HINT: she’s on the same level as, say, Kylie Minogue or Lindsey Lohan is).
    • Mr M created the Inner Game seminar. All dating coaches agree that inner game – your beliefs, attitudes and psychology – is the most important element in getting the women you want. If you want a system for making your game so natural that you attract women without trying, Mr M is the guy to talk to.
    • Project Rockstar shows how sincere he is in helping regular guys achieve the success they want in their social and dating lives. Last year, Mr M took six guys and put them on an intensive nine-week training course in all aspects of game. Nine weeks of personalized training would normally cost six digits, but Mr M gave this away for free to contribute something to the community. What a nice guy!

    Mr M normally charges $950 - $1200 for a seminar.
    So how much are we asking for this four-hour talk in Dublin? €500? €800? Nope. Tickets to this talk are going for only €45. That's right – for less than the price of a hooker, you could learn how to fill your life with the women you've always dreamed of!
    We only have fifty places and they're going fast, so book yours here now.

    That's not all. Because we want to make this talk as interactive as possible and tailor it to your personal needs, we're giving everyone who signs up in advance the chance to submit one question on game to be answered personally by Mr M. Submit your questions here.


    This is a unique chance to have an intimate audience with the most innovative, exciting mind working in the community today! Get your ticket now!

    See you there!

    P.S. Like everything Love Systems does, this talk comes guaranteed. If you don't think it was worth every penny, we'll refund your money.

  2. Awww, why on Weds! I'd have to take 2 days off work to attend it... Darn! Alright, do let us know is there are any on the weekend or in London :P

  3. Is there still places available for this talk? This is not like a preview to the bootcamp is it? Its a talk of its own yeah? Also is the talk for any level of PUA?? I'm new to this stuff so wondering is it suitable for me?
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    You can get tickets here:

    An audience with Mr M, lead instructor of Love Systems... - Eventbrite

    This is a talk on it's own. I will be covering stuff on Social Circles and Inner Game as well as a Q&A session for any game questions.

    It is for any level of 'PUA'
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