Social Circle/Seduction Question
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  1. Social Circle/Seduction Question

    I didn't know where to put this question so I put it in the 18-21 forum...

    I'm currently in college right now living in an apartment with my brother and a close friend of mine. I'm really not experienced in seduction but I want to work on it with the 5-7's but I don't want my roommates finding out or labeling me as a sleazy guy or a guy who hooks up with average girls. How do I get around this?

    Also I watched Braddock's youtube videos on college game and he says something along the lines of "sell your hidden overstock", what does he mean by that exactly and how do you do it when you're living with 2 other guys?

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    Your roommates will notice a change in you, if you start seeing results, and they will comment on it. However, actually bringing up that you study seduction can be a reputation killer. Just be dismissing of their accusations.

    Friend: Dude you are killing it with the girls lately.
    You: Yea, I don't know what's going on... you going to the game Saturday?

    You get the idea.

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    The way you get around it is to STOP caring what other people think of you.


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    What's stopping you from seducing those HB 9-10's? Girls are just girls, and there will always be new ones to game. There's no need to 'practise' on the lesser-looking girls, you can do it with any.

    Guy friends NEVER label you when it comes to sex (unless you only pick the really ugly ones). Most guys can only get the 6-7 girls themselves, so the only category you'll drop into is 'that guy who hooks up with girls'. It will be a DHV for you. Your brother and roommate should just naturally get out of your way, because guys don't cockblock. If they do, just talk to them about it, e.g. "Hey, is it ok that when I have a girl back that you guys leave us alone? I'd appreciate it". They understand why, and it's ok to ask that of them as long as you're not taking up the whole apartment.

    I'm not enitrely sure what Braddock means, but my guess is he's talking about value, because girls at college crave value (like you'd never believe). By overstock I think he's talking about how your DHVs should be big/plentiful, and she will just love you for being this guy who has so much going on.

    People seem to forget this, but you have to remember... You do what YOU want to do. When it comes right down to it, fuck everyone else. You shouldn't care what your friends think. The easiest way to spot an 'alpha male' in a group is by finding the guy who cares the least what people say/do, and remains unreactive. You control your destiny, don't let society tell you who to be.


  5. You guys are right, thanks!

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