Semi new Routine: Style's adapted photo routine

A couple of days ago a went to a big event (45.000 people) in my country called Extrema. The event is know for his famous house music and live acts. This day (the event lasted 12 hours) I wasnt planning to sarge unless it was a perfect situation to meet girls. So I went enjoying the music but I discovered something meanwhile.

Me and my friend where having fun, enjoining the music, and drinking alot (because I didnt plan to sarge, I could drink). But accidentily I discovered an adapted version of Style's photo routine. As we took pictures girls joined in. So I helped my buddy out. Telling the girls she looked crap on the picture. I said:"You have to look X (my friend) in the eyes and look if you want him so bad. (There's a single dutch word for it but I cant come up with it now).
Attraction is created in seconds or you just skipped the comfort building phase. When you have a lock-in item with you, I prefer: hats, ties or whatever, it goes even smoother.

If they don't jump up, just ask if she wants to take a picture of you and your friend. Tell her she is doing it totally wrong and show her how it's and with her and your friend. Just look her long and deep in to the eyes and you build an instant connection.

However I used it in action it isnt fully tested, tested 80% of the way. Please post your opinions and feedback.
Sorry if I've made any typing errors,