Texting with a stripper
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    Texting with a stripper

    I went to the nude strip club last night and got a strippers number and she says only to text her cuz her connection or whatever is bad but she can get texts so I texted her today and she texted me back. I pretty much said some afc stuff like hey, wanna come strip for me? and oh your off today, where u live? im bringing beer. but she said shes spending time with her daughter today. So since this is texting til I see her again and I dont want to go back to the club to see her even though she sat on my lap and danced for me all night for free cuz i wanna close this deal. What should I do to take this chick to bed?

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    Eliminate roles.

    Shes not just a stripper.

    Shes a human, a mother, a friend, a lover, than a stripper.

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    That really helped ty. I think I got a date with her this weekend.

  4. shes a stripper why the hell would you want to go on a date or do anything sexual with her? thats disgusting

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    For fun. But I was just thinking before I read this that I'm gonna cancel the date. I just wanted to know I could

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    You should read the Top 10 Stripper Rules in Magic Bullets...

    It'll tell you everything that you need to know.

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