Do you wear a condom when you get a blowjob?
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  1. Do you wear a condom when you get a blowjob?

    Personally, I always wear a condom when I get a blowjob from a girl who I'm not in a relationship with or don't know too well, I've heard you can get an STD with a blowjob. Has anybody here ever heard of getting an STD from a blowjob? Do you wear a condom when you get a blowjob?

  2. Do I wear a condom when getting blown ? Every time.

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    In my extremely limited experience with women (super AFC right here, only three BJs total in my life), I have never worn a condom will getting head. Health experts always advise you to do so. However, I'm not sure how most men and women feel about wearing one during a BJ. I don't know where BJs rank in terms of danger level, but if you are worried enough, then you should wear one. Just don't be too surprised or upset if your partner doesn't want to suck your penis with a condom on it. Kinda seems a little weird.

    Now that I think about it though, that would be kinda to have her give a BJ while wearing a condom. I bet if you use one of those super thin condoms, it should do the job of protection perfectly, and most of the wonderful sensations should still be there. Lol

  4. Thing is... at a previous point in my life, I've picked up a STD from a blowjob. And yes, it was a curable one, and thanks to modern science , doctors, and proper medication I'm well, but what if it wasn't ? That got me thinking . What if, through the most amazing unluckiest coincidence ever, you pick up ...say HIV ? Do you realize that your life is basically over? Because of one crummy blowjob? So it's not a lol issue to me ,friends, it's about protecting your future. Because I guarantee you mate, when you pick up some weird shit that slowly eats you from inside and tranforms you into a lifeless, hopeless, decomposing vegetable of a human being... the last thing you're gonna do is laugh out loud.

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    If you're gonna wear a condom, get a flavored one, or at least one with no lube. Otherwise it tastes disgusting. I personally think a condom kills the whole point of a bj, but then I only give those to guys I trust, soo... Better safe than sorry I suppose.


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    Yeah...have you ever tried to get a girl to blow you AFTER youve worn a condom? hahaha no bueno.....i understand though its kind of like a double edged sword....condom during oral is a prostitute move but on the otherhand you dont want your dick to fall off right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azza View Post
    Wise word.

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    Do I insist on my BF wearing a condom for oral? No, because I've been with him for years and we've both been tested.

    Should you wear one? Well, it is possible to contract an STI from oral sex. These forums aren't the place for medical discussion so I'm just gonna say if you're concerned, your best bet is to go visit your doctor or a sexual health clinic.

  10. Id say with a LTR there is no point. During a ONS, I may use one if the girl did not look very clean and tidy (Skank) , or if I was travelling to poorer countries where it may be more common. Truefully though, if I was concerened and felt the need to wear a condom during the blowjob, id rather just put the condom on, skip the BJ, and go straight for the good stuff.

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