Need help okcupid

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    Need help okcupid

    trying the online game need some help

    My Self-Summary
    Hmm what to day here. I beleive I covered me quite well in the other sections, and if I give out to much here what will there be fore us to talk about.

    What I知 doing with my life

    I'm a full-time student earning a degree in psychology, with plans for PsyD school and a career in clinical psychology. With a sports psychology specialty

    I知 really good at
    What are we all good at? Being Me!

    The first thing(s) people usually notice about me
    My size I'm a competitive strongman and a powerlifting. Cant really hide that. My posture, though never being in the military I have the posture and stand and move like I was. The way I speak, I am very direct and to the point yet, humorous as all get out.

    My favorite books, movies, music, and food
    Love that country and old time rock and roll. But my tastes are not limited in the least and I'm constantly expanding my playlist with new tunes. In fact, iTunes just suggested that I purchase the 'iTunes Gay Man's Essentials Collection' based on my recent purchases. LOL!!! Maybe I'm branching out too much.

    Read from non fiction to fiction. If its a good book I'll probably read it. Recommend me your favorite authors, books etc. Just be sure its good I don't want to waste my time

    The six things I could never do without
    My dogs
    My family
    My schooling
    My friends
    My training

    I spend a lot of time thinking about
    What don't I think about is the question. I mean come on "I think therefore I am" If I wasn't thinking I wouldn't be existing now would I.

    On a typical Friday night I am
    I'm not to much of a drinker, but you can catch me at the bars having a great time with the ol' karaoke machine or simply having a great time dancing the night away. In the end I always end up back at my place where I like to relax with a home cooked meal. I can cook anything ones heart would desire.

    The most private thing I知 willing to admit here

    I admit a good amount, but you gotta ask me directly. Its much much more fun that way.

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    too factual/bragging...try spicing it up with humor!

  3. You can also start by fixing the spelling and grammar. I before E except after C. It works most of the time, such as your first sentence. It's 'too much info', not 'to much info'. That's just the first sentence, and you want to be a doctor?
    But seriously, it's pretty dull, I'm bored now. Next! is what she will say.
    The self summary is the part where you can really shine and attract, where you show your exciting life, your sense of humor, what makes you stand out from the other guy. I would work on this part before you work on the rest.
    What I've learned is women like to make lists, but they don't like to read lists. Your profile is nothing but lists.
    The only fun part is karaoke, and it seems like the only you like to do since you listed it twice. Once is enough.

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