Good places to take a girl out on first date?
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    Good places to take a girl out on first date?

    The movies and dinner = Fail

    Got anything else? Or you could say something about dinner.

    I mean really cheap dates though and creative. Fun enough for you to build attraction and comfort.

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    I can't remember the exact thread I got this from, but TrueStory had a great post on this that I saved:
    (also next time just do a search and a ton of this stuff will come up)

    "Worst Date Ideas:

    Movies - No communication whatsoever as Dagger said

    Clubs - This is stupid. Absolutely retarded, UNLESS you higher status male in the club (Owner, Big Shot Promoter, etc,) don't take your date to a club. Yes, i do invite A BUNCH of girls to a club, but never a date.

    Dinner (especially if you paid) - Food makes people look and feel bloated. Unsexy. Too expensive. Do i need to give any more reasons?

    Shopping Spree for her - I don't care if you're rich, I WOULD NEVER pay a dime for a girl that I haven't been intimate with. Do not buy her shit.

    Fly Her Out to a Resort - Same as above. Don't waste your money/time.

    Hot Air Balloon Ride - Some girls are scared of heights some girls will think ""toooooo weird""

    ANY DATE you will feel obligated to pay for her, and it's over $30-50 bucks just for her along. (+you, +tip)

    Elevated Excitement Ideas (fun, not boring)

    Shopping at the mall - Yeah it's great, it's interactive, yet it leaves too much room for you to say or do stupid thing. You check out a girl at the register or flirt wrong with food court waitress and you're done

    Walk in the park - best if you can talk

    Beach - If you don't have amazing body don't even do that. If you are ok looking you're trying to highlight your personality not your physique

    Roller blading/Ice Skating - I had fun with this. But you must be pretty damn good unless you want to embarrass yourself.

    Coffee - Probably on the boring category but yet if you can do talking it's great.

    Gallery Hop - We have one every months. I love it. Any date where you two are moving from place to place elevates your rapport.

    Beer/Wine Tasting - I don't drink anymore, but I had few pretty successful dates.

    Boat/fairy Ride - Some country use this as public transportation some use it for fun. If you don't know what this is, you probably don't have one.

    Ferris Wheel - I am scared of heights but i used to love them as a kid. I don't know how much it costs now.

    Comedy Shows - well it's funny.

    Rock wall climbing - Dicks Sporting Goods have it, some University campuses have it. It's not hard to find. Fairly cheap.

    Mini Golf - I heard it's good, honestly haven't tried it.

    Museum - If you are into arts and so is she, yes.

    Concerts - I found its best to take girls to small local band concerts. Some are free some are not. Go to bar where you have social proof

    Ride Bycicle Together - You can sing along Queen's ""I wanna ride my bycicle i wanna ride my bike."" and ""Fat bottomed girl"" afterwards

    Fair or City Festival - We have about some form of fair or show going on every month. From Oktoberfest to Irish Festival and Columbus Fair.

    Car/Motocycle/whatever Show - those can be fun if girl is into those.

    Motorcycle ride - Some girls will wet their panties if you take them on a bike ride. Some girls will wet their panties for a different reason. Use your judgment and no wheelies

    TrueStory's Favorites:

    Gameworks/Dave & Busters Arcade - I shit you not, girls love Mario Kart, and they love playing air hockey. Fucking LOVE IT!

    Pool - i love pool.

    Swimming Pool - like the beach;

    Jazz Lounge - Chill place you can sit next to each other sipping martini, listening to smooth mellow jazz

    My Apartment - Yes, i had first dates at my place.

    Party - I had pretty good success taking my dates to parties where I know many people. If you're 23 and she's 25 taking her to a kegger at your fraternity is not a good idea.

    Hookah Bars - Absolutely awesome. Flavored tobacco and mellow Arabic music and comfortable booth...yeah that's what i am talking about

    Speaking of smoking - ..... *cough* *cough* ""here take this"" /squicky voice. You get my point

    Bowling - Well I do suck at it, but it's still more less fun.

    Bar Hopping - it falls under ""meet for drinks"" but still more fun

    Snow-ball fight - At OSU we have BIG ASS OVAL field where we have HUGE snow ball fight every winter. It's epic battle field, I've invited and insta dated to that big ass fight. It's fun. I also isolated a girl from there ""hey lets make a snowman over here""; too bad my game wasn't tight, and we didn't end up fucking

    Botique shops - we have a infamous Short North district, with many art galleries and cool shops. Walking around and looking at shit was fun. A trip to Open Book Store (Gay bookstore) revealed to me she was bi-curious.

    Clay Shop and Paints - We have this place where you make a mug out of clay and get to paint it. I am still to try it, yet, i think this would be fascinating (maybe second) date idea.

    Trip to Chipotle - I don't know what about Midwest, but here in Columbus, Ohio, Chipotle is like a cult. You're either IN it or you are NOT. So if you say ""wanna grab chipotle"" you'll either get: ""OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! YESS!"" or ""Chipotle? ewww""; on campus it's an event. Students from dorms get together and march over to local Chipotle and they sit in groups and eat their aluminum foil wrapped burritos. It's that good.

    Few Second Date Ideas: (if you have NOT FUCKED yet)

    Salsa Dancing (or any classic dancing) - Usually at a club, usually on a off night. Usually, free. Should get you more kino.

    Shooting guns - two conditions: you both like guns. You have at least ONE gun and this can run you pretty expensive if you rent all ($40-60) Buy your ammo at WalMart and bring your own gun. Then it's only $10-20 per hour. I've taken dates to do this.

    Quad/snow-mobile/dirtbike ride - if you live on the farm, girls love those shits. Especially Quad (4-wheeler)

    Kayak ride - if of course you own one (those bitches are fairly innexpensive ~$100-300); or you can rent one.

    Mountain Biking - If you live in location where this is possible

    Rock Climbing - Again, you two must like rock climbing and she better know what she's doing

    Go-kart racing - Those can be fairly cheap and fun

    Paintball Arena - Those better saved for 3rd or after fucking date. But can be fun if you own your own gear and she's tough girl.

    Scavanger Hunt - there is a ""sport"" called Geocaching it can be fun.

    Hash Run - NO, NOT that kind of hash. Hash House Harriers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is actually VERY fun and you get to meet a lot of interesting people. It sounds stupid (running and drinking) but in reality it's fun. Actually, i've met few girls this way too. Very popular in East coast (US)

    Art or Do it Your self Craft - If you are member of a club or you take class where you can bring guest. Anything that's fun: painting, making models, toys, drawing, sketching, etc. And No, your Dungeons and Dragons or Harry Potter Club meetings is not what i am refering too. Unless, of course, she's a geek like you

    Poetry Night - Not every girl would like that, but artsy ones do. I fucking HATE poetry lol

    Historical Society Tour/Museum - Some big cities have tours, some have museums some have interactive mesuem. Not for everyone

    Zoo - I don't know why, maybe it's kid in her, but most girls LOVE the zoo. They get so excited and jumpy when you take them to the zoo. You can also get her a giant lolipop and big cotton candy ball; awww adorable. Also gives soo many opportunity for cocky-funny comments like ""hey, now i met your family, i know who you are"" point to monkeys. ""hey go say hi to your friends"" and point to gorillas etc. I love it

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    Thanks Steve. I didn't know truestory did a post on dates too. That guy is amazing. thanks again man.

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    my trademark cheap, but interesting dates:

    -shark diving [i already have the equipment because i do this for fun anyway]
    -ice cream + cemetery [they don't charge a cover fee for the cemetery, and the ice cream shop is down the street]

    2 dates that get the girls kinda scared...cue the heroic protector of loved ones-themed kino....push/pull is so fun there too. carrying them into the water and then dropping them where the sharks are...or saying "TAG YOU'RE IT" then running away from her in the cemetery.

  5. not sure why you guys didn't mention cemetery. haven't you seen Thriller?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by idrinkyourmilkshake View Post
    not sure why you guys didn't mention cemetery. haven't you seen Thriller?
    A guy I know actually had a threesome in a cemetery.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Death View Post
    Yes that would be me.
    how old were the bodies?

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    Its not necrophilia if they're both dead.

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    Dont overthink it. Something as simple as shopping for everyday utility stuff like toilet paper can be very potent. Or you can drag her along to go out buying a birthday present for your 7 year old niece. Thats awesome btw. Theres just an endless supply of props in a toystore.
    Not to mention the preselection you can build for gaming the store clerk when you come back the next day to exchange the nieces present for something else.

  10. A few of my favs highlighted from the massive post above.

    Concerts. Small ones are better cause they allow you to get drinks before/after, talk, enjoy each others company. But I find that I can get more first dates inviting her out to a larger concert, one of whom everyone knows. Itll just be a casual thing. Since I go to a lot of concerts Im always looking for girls who will go. So if I know she likes X and goes to concerts Ill call her up and tell her someone backed out on me and I have an extra ticket.

    Guns. Im a small time shooting enthusiasts. Girls in social circle think theyre pretty cool. I usually don't show non-social cirlce girls my guns, haha. That could go bad. But if a girl says let me shoot it or whatever I say sure one day soon...One day soon comes and I tell her im going to the range or bush to go shooting. ITS GREAT Gets the adrenaline flowing and she anchors those feelings to me. I show her how to use them safely, etc. I bring the .22 for getting rounds off and if she is feeling strong and wont kill herself I bring the lee-enfield or double barreled 12 gauge.

    Bar Hopping. Only if she is a drunk/alcoholic like me. I engage in some banter saying how she is too small/young/weak to keep up with me drinking. So I take her to a street where theyre are a lot of bars. We start and one end and see how far we can make it before we die. Awesome. Good if your good at small banter with strangers. Cause you walk into a bar say hi to everyone talk to a few people tell them what your doing, small down a shot or drink a beer and talk to everyone a bit more then you leave as mysteriously as you came...maybe with a group of people (guys and girls no picking up with your girl there!!)

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