Approaching/Attracting girls from college I do it
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    Approaching/Attracting girls from college I do it

    I have had success with this. With 5-6 girls with 1-2 months spent gaming. That seems like a lot of time for little girls but I only approaches 6-7 girls and ending up pulling 5-6. My comfort game sucked (it's getting better now though) so I didn't end up closing all of them but this procedure/technique/game plan will get you into a study date with her. The rest is all reframing.

    I keep a pick up journal and this is the entry I wrote back in the day before I made the adjustments which are now getting me a some what constant supply of girls from class.

    Step 1. Dominate in your class and be social. There will likely be multiple HBs in your class. Get to know as many as possible and be that social guy that even the guys talk to. This will hit pre selection att. switch right off the bat. Also get a fucking A in your class. You should be doing this by default, but likely the class is hard and if you are doing well I cannot even begin to emphasize how much this makes you look good. I am speaking from personal experience. And even if you work, down play the work you do. I did this to fairly spectacular results in my molecular biology class.

    Everyone thought I was some kind of genius because I didn't seem to do any work in class and I got As and I didn't study much. In reality I read the book before class and put in more work than everyone else. They didn't know that..

    Step 2. Approach her in whatever way works for you about meeting up and reviewing together. That is TOGETHER. That is the way to frame it. You're both in it. Together. Hand her your phone. Let HER put her number in. I like the way this subtly frames it as her gaming you.

    Step 3. I am a bit lazy so I just copy pasted this entry I wrote in my own personal pick up journal. I know it's in the 1st person and probably comes off as weird to read for you guys..but I am that lazy so deal with it lol.

    for girls from class. I have not had any success because what I am doing right not is very simply not working. That said my game has gotten a lot better and I am willing to try some novel new approaches.

    The positives are that I get the # close pretty easily as well as the meet up. From there I should look to establish the frame that I am comfortable with her and I want to have fun. Because I am having fun being myself she will have fun and attraction will be created. I am also focused on hitting the rest of the attraction switches as hard as I can See Sinn's post on this. From there I can create sexual tension using the techniques I have recently learned and also create wide/deep rapport between study breaks using the techniques in the Bad Boy book. I want the frame to change from "we're study buddies" to "It's cool to know she is thinking about having sex with me" and "we're soul mates". I have had opportunities to do this in the past, but I just fucked it up with piss poor displays of game. A test of compliance is in order first with some kind of instant date and then logically figuring out how to best isolate her for sex.

    This would probably be an easier way to get sex since the initial social contract comes off as indirect enough for me to build decent levels of attraction and comfort and then change the frame from 'study buddies' to 'soul mates' from which I can proceed with normal game.
    IT ALL comes down to the frame game and it is key to change the frame to "we're soulmates" due to our commonalities.

    See how that works for you.

    I followed that procedure and am dating a girl who is LTR material off it. You can too!

  2. Good for you. I use that same approach as well. Being on top of the social latter in the class is always a good source of attraction. Constently answering questions getting A's on paper will most defenantly grab a womans attention. So I number close the same way let her punch in her number unto my phone. But I just can't figure out her attraction levels towards me. Check out my thread on "College day game social circle" I believe is some where in my profile. I'm in a similar position. Give me some feed back.

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