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    Skype Sex - How?

    Hi Guys,

    I hope I'm putting this in the correct forum. Had to think about it Feel free to move if I'm wrong.

    The question is about Skype / Phone / Cyber Sex. Ok here's the deal...

    I was just on Skype with an FB who is on holidays. Actually she was in her old room in the house she grew up in. We were on for a few hours, nice long chat. At one point I told her I'd call her back because I was going to the toilet & making some food. When i called back she had changed into a corset & panties & was sitting on the bed with the lights out.

    We chatted again for a bit. She lay back on her bed & began doing something with her hands. I couldn't make out what she was doing so I asked "are you knitting?!". She said no, she was playing with the string on the corset (that tied it together at the front). She said she felt kinda turned on.

    I figured this meant she wanted to have some kind of cyber sexual experience with me. One problem - although I've fucked her in the flesh, I've never had online / phone / skype sex before ever! i had no idea what to do. I hesitated & it showed. I said something dumb like "dont keep me waiting" or something. I didn't lead, i was kinda hoping she would do what she wanted to do.

    She didn't. Then she complained. She said "You're not very good at being a man" (ouch ouch ouch ) & then

    She said - complained about me not calling her while she's away, letting her do all the calling

    But I think she meant - I'm horny & you're cluelessly messing this up

    Thinking as I went I figured this must be fundamentally the same as any other sexual experience - I should lead & instruct & make it happen. She had now covered herself with a blanket. She asked "How can I seduce you" so i told her to start by taking off the blanket. Now there was a little frame gaming as she aasked how would I seduce her. I really wasn't pushed about the whole thing but figured I'd carry on. I told her again to remove the blanket & she did.

    Next I told her to remove the string from her corset & open it at the front. if she did this i told her she could pick an item for me to remove.
    She looked at me (not the webcam, so what I saw was her looking at her PC screen, lol) & said "kiss me, touch me". I told her I'd love to but since i'm not there she'd be doing it herself. Now after i started instructing her she started kinda giggling like that was what she wanted. When i said about her having to touch herself she did giggle but then she said that maybe she should go to sleep.

    Goodnight kisses & end call.

    Minute later she calls back

    bol (felt so smug tbh, lol) - trouble sleeping?
    fb - yeah, i felt lonly

    Then she took off the corset & ended the call & logged off!

    So specific feedback on this case is welcome, but I think overall it's clear my inexperience is what messed it up.

    Specifics welcome yes, but I'd like to know even more broadly, generally - how do you have Cyber Sex? How should it be done? What are the do's & don'ts?

    I'm guessing I was just too forward in telling her she'd be touching herself, or am i wrong, does she not actually touch herself during it?

    Literally I am clueless on the topic & id rather not be, so please enlighten me



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    Well there are three main things that I can break it down into:
    1. (As you were doing) Give her instructions on what you want to see her do. But take it really slowly.
    2. Lots of positive feedback: tell her how it makes you feel when you see her undress etc.
    3. Tell her what YOU would like to do to her if you were there with her.

    And every now and then ask her how she is feeling/ if she is turned on/ enjoying it.

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    I'm experiencing the same thing too!, but in my case its the other way around. I have never done it and my online partner wants to. The thing is i have a camera on my laptop but he doesn't. So whenever we skpe he can see me but i can't see him. When i ask him to get one he initially said he will try and arrange something.

    We tried skpe sex and the first time i just could not do it and end the call. He was very frustrated. i told him that it would be easier if i could see him as i find it wierd staring at my own face in the laptop. He became angry saying that since i'm not trying to do it with him there is no need to have one.

    My question is this; do ppl do one way camera sex? or is he just lying to me about not getting the camera?

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