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    A girl I broke up with a few months ago has become an FB
    certainly doesnt sound like a problem at first glance

    but i c how this could pose a problem...the other fellas hav offered some good advice. If your heart can't handle seeing this girl with another dude just avoid her like the plague or find a steady gf and keep her as a side dish

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    good read, thread, advice.

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    GFTOW! you will be alright... and don't do that Alpha Male thing, it's unnecessary... anyway if it's your ex it means it's you ex! forget about her, if she wants to fuck go ahead fuck her, if she want to fuck with you ignore her so you fuck with her

    good luck let us know

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    Become friends with the guy. Take him out, show him a good time, and let him wing for you.


  5. Let them come and let her know you can have a good time in male and female company without being "with" her. Dont be a dickhead to the guy she is with and dont be one with her, if she is doing it to piss you off it will backfire and piss her off knowing that you are not bothered by her actions .


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