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    She text again in the morning which phone didnt receive for a while, then called last night, talked for a while then text me later saying thanks for being there for her, keeping mindset of not reciprocating too hard, just staying cool with it, still keeping busy and doing my own thing.
    She's not showing signs of running away PolarBear. Keep your cool .

  2. Met me before work saying she had called me, think my phone is fucked as again didn't get it. Teased and played around a while when I saw her then she met me to walk down to my car, about half way down held her hand, stopped at car and kissed for a while. Then called me later that night.

    Ain't thinking that there isn't a way to go yet, and now it has to develop again, am still going along doing my own thing, won't see her now until Saturday so will go from there.

  3. Update, have continued to do my thing and keep it light, and since her down day last week things have improved, haven't pushed anything but have flirted and teased, and does txt and call as before. Still havent been out properly since but have both been busy, have talked sex but haven't yet. Have learned from experience and in the same way that the behaviour over past few weeks got to the issue, this behaviour will move it away.

    Any thoughts from here people?? Looking back and now forwards??

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