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    i've had some very hot girlfriends in the past and i've run into guys hitting on them right in front of me. if she didn't cut him down right away i would slap her on the shoulder, pull her in close and mockingly talk into her ear, telling her to "have fun...!" then i would go hit on some girls. usually she would be over in less than 2 minutes to wrangle me back.
    i never really thought about this before but i think this was particularly effective because:
    1.)kino. i was marking my turf right in front of him.
    2.)i was telling them both that i have no fear that this guy was going to swoop my girl.
    3.)my blatant condescension put him in a very bad light. i might as well have just said "hey have fun with this loser if you want...
    4.)i was increasing my value by fenagling some more girls.
    5.)she was usually so distracted at the sight of me hitting on other girls that she wasn't really paying attention to him.
    6.)i was reinforcing the notion that she was free to do what she wants, but at a price because i can always get a replacement for her.
    there have been times though when i have had to just go right in and amog the shit out of him. talk louder than he does. smile a lot. engage him in conversation more than her--do not give him the chance to engage her and lead the conversation. get him laughing. neg him. knock him off his rhythm as quickly as you can(a1-3?) and then trap him in boring conversation. stuff with short answers. stuff like the "interview routine" (so where are you from? what brings you out here/where did you go to school?) where he doesn't have much oppurtunity to talk with any enthusiasm, making him boring and generic.
    take care,
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