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    I'm from perth too and am new to all this. Mt major problem is im a typical "nice guy" but i do have a backbone. be keen to catch up or even talk on faceboook or whatever and exchange knowledge. my email is
    P.S I know it's a shit email that might even demonstrate lower value but i made it when i was in school and can't be bothered changing it


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    hey i registered with this site a coupla years ago but was then in a relationship for a while so only just getting into it now. 35 years old in Perth & lookin to get started, u guys still around?

  3. Wow, I feel weird to have gotten a message from this place from so long ago.

    My life is going well. I've been in LTRs the past 7 years or so since I started. That means some weren't successful; some my fault; some their fault; some nobody's fault. I'm almost always able to meet someone new 2-4 weeks later, and at the moment I'm with someone I want to settle down with. We'll see what happens.

    I have to say, meeting someone is easy. Meeting someone you can really learn something from and grow with is a little harder. Meeting someone really RIGHT for you is probably the hardest.

    For those of you just starting, I feel sorry for you. While there was a lot of useless crap flying about when "we" (Project Perth) started, now there's a thousandfold more ways to be led astray because every idiot is into it and likes to brag about stuff that probably doesn't work. Oh well.

    My advice (not PU advice): while I broke some hearts because things just weren't working, my greatest regret was letting this stuff get to my head in the beginning and cheating on someone and breaking their heart that way. People who get cheated on rarely recover psychologically, and you know what? It's not worth it, neither is the survivors guilt afterwards, so just don't do it.

    Anyway. Game on!

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    Perth lair meetups

    Hey everyone,

    is the Perth lair up and running actively?
    I would be keen to meet up with like minded pua s in Perth.

    Best regards,

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    hey moder, for some reason i can't reply to u or contact u directly on here at the moment. send me a message.

  6. Hey im 20 and id like to become part of the perth pua community any one up for sargin?

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    We are trying to sarging every week starting last night. anyone else interested?

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    We have a small group and have brought our communication to facebook. if you would like to join us, feel free to sms me on facebook at

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacecadet View Post
    hey moder, for some reason i can't reply to u or contact u directly on here at the moment.

  10. Hey whats up??

    I'm 19 and live pretty close to Subiaco. Looking for someone to pick up with, get bit of confidence boost or something haha. Haven't had a lot of actual experience doing so but have read fairly extensively on attraction, value, body language etc.
    Pretty interested in fitness, psychology, motorcycling.. Contact through PM


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