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  1. Tip for anyone considering taking a boot camp with anyone: Realize that you're paying money to hang out with some dude(s) for a night or two (which can be totally worth it, and not as gay as it sounds), and no one can magic you into being a pimp.


  2. Holy shit I was dissappointed about RSD!


    If you are a newcomer, an advanced guy, or whatever, and deciding on which product to buy, dont hesitate, get the essentials, here is why. Rsd blueprint decoded is just fucked up. They only explain inner game issues assuming that guys are not happy with their lives and that they have to change their entire life to get girls, this is the complete opposite of a guy who is already successful trying to just get better with girls. Blueprint covers stuff like "reaction seeking" or "ego vs self esteem", seriously, no one in the world thinks about this psychotic stuff, they assume that you come from a low value place and need to change your entire belief systems just to get girls, your life will change for the worse i can gurrantee that to you. You will wonder every day for the rest of your life stupid stuff like "whos reacting more" and you will realize by time that you have becomed this weird person that thinks all the stuff the blueprint teaches this shit is NO PRACTICAL ADVICE AT ALL, it is about 21 hours long and the main purpose of this product is to never leave the company real social dynamics. The guy "tyler" says it a million times. He says that ""it will hit you better next time"" so basically it will "hit better" before you die.

    You will be tied to that company forever thinking about everything you are doing now, and you will become extremely self conscious. RSD assumes that you are not successfull in life, that you are full of ego bullshit and that you NEED to change your ENTIRE belief systems to get better with women. They dont see you as a successful person who the only thing that is missing in his life is women. Seriously, they will fuck you up on this Ego vs self esteem stuff that you will be ruminating for the rest of your life. A perfect example of this would be me. I was a huge fanboys of those fuckers, i got results but guess what? the results where just with low quality skanky drunk sluts who will just go with any guy with dominance. i got rejected so many times because i though i was ""self amusing"" that is the worst most complete bullshit advice, you want to become attractive, not a stupid clown chasing every single women after 12:00 Am...obsiouvly if you go numbers game after 12 a clock you will get laid because every girl who is not a high quality girl is drunk and down to f*** that is why students get laid in their program, think about it? They go mass approaching after 12 i mean DUHH obviously if you go mass approaching after 12 where every girl is drunk something will eventually hit and you will take her home, there is no quality women involved here, only drunk sluts down to do anything. Please be careful with those guys, i need to warn before they get my experience, (near death experience) yes im not keyboard jocking im talking nothing but the true, i almost killed myself. i went to a private school, my parents are successful, i am smart attending one of the top 20 universities in the country, but guess what? the past i had will never change. If you are already a successfull person in life, just buy the essentials. The essentials is the best product in the pickup community why? because its a combination of practical advice on how to pickup quality girls not drunk sluts after 1 am. everything is a system, how and WHY it works with the HOTTEST women, the inner game specially the self concept inner game about braddock is really good, the outer game is amazing, and people treat clients like adults not like college kids who just wanna get laid. I came for answers to find quality over quantity and this is the place to go. Get the essentials NOW to change your life, just like it did to mine, BTW im doing a lot better and far from commiting suicide. I am super successfull just like my dad and my family in general and I got girls (high quality).

    Peace everyone, and please take my advice, dont be stupid. I dont want you to feel what i felt with those guys. Thanks for reading my post, take care and cheers. Enjoy life.

  4. Im gonna reveal the TRUTH about REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS. Please if you have friends who are into them, SPREAD THIS, SPREAD IT. PLEASE! SPREAD WHAT IM ABOUT TO WRITE. If you have been or ARE involved with them, after you read this you will definately leave them for good.

    ey everyone, these are my notes on what I think about RSD. It is a collection of different posts I’ve found along the way, mixed with my own original ideas and insights. It’s a long read. Send this around and stop RSD! See them for who they really are!

    RSD “paces and leads” your experience and what it will be like, before you have it. The problem is that they mix legitimate information while AT THE SAME TIME mixing in bullshit to make you dependent and to fear monger to your insecurities, then offering the solution, which of course is them.
    “I say a lot of things and set many frames where it is very clear to them what they learned, and what their experience meant relative to other experiences that they'll have in the future.” - Tyler

    RSD’s philosophy and genius plan is to condition people to associate them with greatness. Their concepts aren’t just to teach, they are weapons too.
    Think about it. IF you look at any video you could say, he’s being in the moment and being self amusing. This allows people to drop their standards on instructors and gives RSD less work for more money. They are designing it this way. It is masterful conditioning. It’s the same with the terminology, think about the word chode, sure its means a guy who’s lame but you automatically associate RSD using that word. Everything associates RSD to superior and “You just don’t get the picture.”

    “On the other hand, if we go about teaching universal principles as well as emotional states and being a dude with no ego this will directly connect his GOOD NIGHTS (we all have them), and the feelings you experience under those nights, to those concepts in which he will relate it to us and thereby make it appear like we got him into a whole different world just cause we put WORDS ON THESE CONCEPTS, while in reality he would have experienced them anyway. We will be perceived as gods in his eyes. At the same time, while having no cut clear structure for improvement to follow, he will experience tons of things which he will have no answer how to solve and therefore reach for his gods (us, muaha) to help him (this is the basic way the blueprint is structured. Tyler compares making lists and structures for reading and anything else as “egoic learning.” What he is preaching is being a guy with no ego for his own purposes to draw you in more and more with incomplete theories about everything.) He will be in a constant loop of education (which he feel like he MUST HAVE) from us and will have a really hard time to break free, thinking he must have all the knowledge needed.]” - Tyler

    Subconscious message of: you can’t get girls until you know ALL of this stuff!

    Tyler makes the road to success hard for his own purposes. He even admitted that success was easy and that it messed with his reality when it was easy. When you realize it is easy, it loses meaning and thus does not seem worthwhile, you put obstacles in your own way to feel satisfied.
    Tyler tries to replace your psychology to get good with girls which is just ridiculous. How he sees things is based on his own experience, NOT YOURS.

    “With RSD, you essentially have to change your whole psychology, you have to learn new concepts, a lot of concepts which you probably already know of if you have studied even a grain of salt of psychology or eastern philosophy or self help but with different names this time. You get the mindset you have to "change your whole personality" AKA deep identity level change, you think you have to be in a super good state all the time, so on and so forth.”

    Because they gave me that one epiphany, I took everything they said as gospel.
    I didn’t have a good male role model, so I looked online and got fucked up by people who take advantage of confusion. I’m not identifying as a victim, just stating facts.

    Tyler can’t respect people surfing in Hawaii as having dignified lives, but yet he “achieves” and fucks people’s psychology over.
    Calling it natural game when any normal person good with women would never go through the process of watching 20 DVDs and over thinking this shit. That is by definition unnatural.

    Your mindset should be that anything you learn or read is meant to SUPPLEMENT who you are already, NOT REPLACE IT. If you try to REPLACE who you already are, that is going to lead down a long and dark road to misery, even if you do eventually get laid.
    We overvalue new information we receive, no matter how trivial or meaningless it is, because it’s new and stimulates excitement and interest within us. We also get unnecessarily attached to drama and the pointless information that fuels it. We overestimate its value because we vicariously experience emotions through it.
    It's as if Tyler broke his students and is now charging them to put themselves back together. This is the most cynical shit I've ever seen. (Cult tactics, unfreezing)

    The whole notion behind self help — that someone of some undefined authority is now going to impart superior information onto me — in and of itself implies an arrogance of certainty: here’s what to value, here’s the measurement of success, here’s what to worship. Despite all of the best intentions, I think this sabotages a grand chunk of the industry. How can you help someone to take responsibility for their own thoughts and awareness by giving them the YOUR thoughts and awareness?

    How does RSD manipulate your need for dopamine and stimulation? By using the rule of supply and demand to provide you with different points of view by different people which are stimulating and giving you conflicting information which causes anxiety and a need to “know it all” before you can accomplish your goals. Keeps you in a low state if you are not living up to their arbitrary standards and “way things should be” or “how you should be” so you look at them as authority figures to take you out of your low states. They get identified as being connected to a dopamine rush, they cause the problem (break your reality), and they provide the solution (taking on their reality, being like them, doing as they do, believing what they believe). This is all done subliminally to make them look like the good guys just trying to help, and so you are never consciously aware of what they are doing. This helps them generate a need while at the same time supplying the solution, as you get drawn further and further into them. It allows them to keep you coming back for more and to spend more money with them. It essentially creates a vacuous business.

    It’s different to say that you never blamed anyone for making you feel like a victim. But when you purposely do it to your students and use mind manipulation techniques to get people hooked on your teachings because they aren’t good on their own merit, and then say that you “weren’t telling people what to think, that’s not your job”, it’s just bullshit. What was the blueprint about? It was 20 DVDs and it wasn’t about what to think? One thing it had nothing to do with was getting girls! Just mind manipulation to suck people in by confusing them. How can you say that your teachings are just “guys trying things out in the club” when you have a 20 DVD program supposedly talking about it?
    The incongruence of acting layed back with a girl when you really study this shit day and night, and that’s all you do. It’s not how you really are at all.

    RSD is for people who lack real world experience, and need to have reality dictated to them, because of fear and being unable to cope themselves.

  5. Tyler creates the problem so you will be forced to go to him or the solution. He creates the demand. “The more you think about a girl the more nervous you’ll be when you see her again.” Pacing a future experience and putting it in the frame of “this is what will happen.” So how do you stop it from happening or fix it? By going to Tyler of course…

    RSD teaches wormhole programs designed to fuck guys up royally.
    They state things that seem to make sense. Things that on an emotional level make guys "feel" good. Then they lace that with advice that will seriously fuck up a guys ability to have anything resembling a real relationship with a great girl.
    Then some guys get success "while using" or in spite of, their techniques (notice I didn't say "because of") which further attaches momentary "good feelings" to behavior that is actually doing a whole lot of harm to their ability to enjoy a fulfilling dating life. (Keep in mind that most of their success is attributed to the fact that a guy is simply meeting women for the first time in his life, with nothing to do with the techniques, natural or otherwise.)
    NLP comes in because RSD "anchors" a lot of good feelings to behavior that causes serious issues in guys who take it seriously.

    Here's an example from something I saw of Tyler's:
    "Players are fucked up. They live fucked up lives. Players are flat-out weird people that nobody normal likes. But guys want the same spectacular, mind-blowing sex that makes you feel like a God. So you do it."
    See it? He is installing a program that (if a guy buys into it) will have him aspiring to be a fucked up guy with a fucked up life who is weird in a bad way by taking advantage of the fact that all guys do want sex.

    It’s not all manipulation, just most of it. Enough good points to confuse whether they are legitimate or not.

    I watched the blueprint, didn’t get it at all, but Tyler promised that you should get more and more out of it every time you watched. Well, under a period of time I watched the shit like 3-4 times and ALL I got out of it was self consciousness, even though I had previous success with girls and even from start wasn’t totally fucked up, I was now in a period of my life where I was the MOST ANXIOUS EVER. Not even as a 10 year old I was this anxious and insecure. Literally, I second guessing myself in ALL social interactions, even with close friends.

    My friends asked me what I had done, why I was so "weird", so "quiet", so "stiff". I was completely unable to make new friends and my "pick up women skills" went to shit. I cannot put the finger on EXACTLY what it was, but it was this kind of weird feeling of not "knowing it all yet", so I couldn’t give myself permission to be confident, to be the dude I knew I was capable of, it was like I was hooked into RSD teachings in a never ending search for the "golden knowledge.”

    I got into some kind of weird obsessiveness where I continued to visit the RSD forum, read all the instructors articles, watch all the videos. I was literally confused as fuck.
    It was like I had to get a completely new understanding of ALL social dynamics, even though I already knew way more than the average person due to my pursuit into regular seduction material. Little did I understand that words like "unreactive", "be the gorilla", "beast bro", "masculine polarity", "self esteem instead of ego" were just other words for "don’t seek validation from others", "frame control", "be dominant", "be a man" and "feel good about yourself, instead of always looking for others to determine who you are.”

    If you guys took your time reading this, thank you. And hopefully you can come back from who you were! I would reccomend throwing everything every single product EVERYTHING about them, unsubscribe from their youtube videos, to start the detoxing. Read magic bullets to refresh how FEMALE ATTRACTION really is. Get the triad model and start practicing it until you have become yourself (back!!) and at the same time you are really good with girls. (understanding REAL attraction and getting real results) thank you.

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    Tenmagnet wrote an excellent article exposing RSD Champion Jeffy as a charlatan and beta-wuss fraud. Source: RSD Jeffy Gets Burned

    Love Systems does everything RSD teaches, but better. Women will stay in your life. They'll say good things about you. Tyler and his |||| would benefit from a Love Systems experience.
    [B]:: VANCOUVER CREW ::[/B]
    - Identity flips every attraction switch at once.

  7. Hey actiontaker Im totally with you on this one. RSD really need to be brought down, they are SERIOUSLY damageing for people, especially younger ones who havent developed a strong identity yet. The ONLY GUY I like in RSD is Alexander who is sooo much more chill and normal than all the other guys, his method is very very similar to the LS teachings aswell - Being chill, stimulating emotions and not hitting the girls defence mechanisms, letting the girl become comfortable etc.

    Jeffy, tyler and the other crazy guys are basicly just running around and showing sexual intent to every girl til some drunk one hooks, then they call that "natural game".

    I wanna bring them down so bad, LS is 1000times better, if you have any idea how to do it, Im with you.

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    Re: RSD Cumulative Reviews

    Similarly, I've spent 2 years now after watching the Blueprint in constant self conscious mode. After a bad break up all that stuff made sense, but actually was only mental masturbation. Recently I've seen these posts and suddenly it clicked : I went to check my diaries for the time frame and all made sense that shit s||||ed me up.

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  9. Oh trust me i would bring them down but there are some people from there who have influenced me a lot. Like Brad Branson for example, hes awesome and a great coach, he influenced me A LOT. He is DOWN TO EARTH, hes not in space or in nimbus or in fucking hypnotic dimension world. so i wouldnt do that, I want people to find out for themselves what that company is about...but as i said before not ALL the guys reality and to be HONEST to you, there are 3 guys that truly dont know shit when it comes to meet and attract girls. 1 truly doesnt know shit, hes just a business man. 2. guy that has issues, serious issues inside of his little head. and 3. guy who HATES girls, he has intensified hatred against them, he treats them like shit like as if they are no human beings. The other guys (the new generation, julien alex brad and todd, are really good and have some good stuff. This is freedom of speech BTW, just stating my opinion...

  10. Rsd is a fraud...YOU helped YOURSELF changed your life by your actions...rsd didnt helped you do anything.


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