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    Just read "The Game"

    I bought the game 8 days ago and finished reading it just yesterday. I think the best way to describe how much I enjoyed it is this. I recently read a 306 page book (psycho cybernetics) in 3 weeks. I'm a slow reader and I don't concentrate on books very well, and the last time I finished a book was in 2007. As soon as I started reading The Game, I didn't put it down until page 100. Seven days after I bought it, I finished all 452 pages. The way Strauss writes everything into an entertaining story is ingenious, he is as much of a master at writing as he is at being a PUA.

    There was a point in the book where I thought to myself, there's no way I would want to get myself involved in this PUA shit based on events that had happened in the book. But without giving anything away, I'll tell you that once I finished it, I became more motivated (hopefully not obsessed) with getting this part of my life handled.

    I think each reader will be able to decide which route they would like to take from reading this, whether it is to be a career PUA or to find the woman of their dreams. I want to learn the trade and build up my confidence, meet and date as many hot women as possible with the sole purpose of finding someone who is smoking hot AND is marriage material.

    Well worth the CDN$46.50+tax!


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    This book is a great motivator, and reading it for the first time really opened my eyes to what was possible. I used to have really low self-esteem but reading this man's inspiring story helped a lot and eventually led me here. I can honestly say that book changed my life.

    Like others said, it's not a how-to, its a narrative.

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    I'm reading "The Game" for the second time.

    A lot of how-to books in general read like instruction manuals for stereo equipment. Strauss, on the other hand, takes a great storyline, and the true personalities of the top gurus, and sandwiches himself in the middle of it all.

    I'm more intrigued by this book, than many others, because there are actually pros and cons to each character, giving the reader a break from the note-taking.

    It's like a dating seminar with Superbowl commercials in between.

    I especially get a kick out of Style's female friend with herpes launching her underwear into the crowd for some guy to catch.

    Great book!!

  4. Zan Perrion's Ars Amorata Program?

    Anyone know anything about his program. I watched some of his videos, and he does really come across as someone who moves through life with ease.

    He's doing something right, but whether he can teach it or not is the question....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pimpdaddygrk View Post
    I myself am situated in St. Catharines Ontario and am a local city man. I am half way through the book: "The Game" by Style. All I got to say is that I never read a book in over 5 years, a friend recommended this one to me and my god Strauss wrote an excellent book.
    Honestly my game is close to perfect however this read has given me more of an idea to help my already perfect game get better...Cudos Mystery and Styles, Ross Jefferies SUCKS!!!...keep on sarging...
    Hey man. I will be shocked if you are still on the forums. I think Styles is good and I agree, I liked the book, it was one of my favorite reads though, it took a turn for the not so good near the end imo. I didn;t like the competition or the dark side of the community but, I guess he was relating to what he saw and that being a two edge sword. A good side in meeting women and a bad side being so many competitive males involved and egos. I wish he took more from David Deangelo who is a personal favorite. A man from humble beginnings and likely the most extravagantly prosperous of the bunch to date. The only thing I own of styles besides the book you mentioned was rules of the game. Its pretty good man. Also, Mystery and Style's second book which was good but, not as good as the original. I guess all good things come to an end is the moral of the story and to have something more beyond women or pick up obsession. Rules of the game is pretty much a challenge series increasing day to day. If you are new which you clearly aren't, it would be a good test however, if anyone is interested with the challenges, you should look into it. I believe it was inexpensive on amazon. It also came with short mini stories of pick ups.

  6. I own rules of the game. It is pretty bad ass. I can say that a few friends said how much it helped them get into approaching. I found it very helpful. Before, I was more reliant on knowing people rather than forcing myself to actually approach. Rules of the game is pretty bad ass and I may add it into my actual field report just for fun. Its not as book like as lets say the game but, it is pretty good. Something about Neil makes me not trust him. Like, if we shook hands, I would check to see if my rings were still there. I like mystery.


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