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    Great idea man. i'm only 18 now but if this gets going after i turn 19 and can actually go out sarging with you guys then i'd be interested.

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    Very well said

  3. You guys still going through with this or has it pretty much been forgotten by now?

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    There's been talk about getting a leader to get this Project T.O of the ground

  5. There was a building picked, agreement made, and recruitments started. Unfortunately, I could not transfer my credits to a toronto College. Right now I am back up in North Bay, trying to get correspondance or distance education so I can return and start it in time for school.

    Yours truly,

    The not so Worthy Playboy

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    So it's on hold for now
    Or what?

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    I live a half hour away from Toronto. But I would be interested in something like this in the near future, or even sarging with any of you guys sometime soon. I'm always looking for new pua friends to learn from! Send me a private message if you want a wing.

  8. I'm in.. Project Toronto sounds great. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. I would just love to see this happen

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    Question for when this gets off the ground:

    I'm 17 (and therefore won't be able to go night sarging with you guys for a few years), but I would definitely jump at the oppourtunity to head down to toronto to sit in on some seminars, or basically get involved in any way I can.

    For those who are in the know let me know how I can get in on this.

  10. 33 year-old wannabe pua has absolutely nobody to sarge with...I live in downtown Toronto and have a good knowledge of the city's nightlife. Wanna start my transformation from afc to...potential pua ASAP!!! Currently serving an on-line apprenticeship and have read the Game and Mystery Method. I'm not bad lookin' at all-but still a bonafide AFC. Here's my e-mail address if anyone wants to Sarge. I can wing too.


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