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Critique this text convo por favor

Discuss Critique this text convo por favor at the Online Game and IMs within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Critique this text convo por favor Me: Hey rockstar so what kind of lame pickup ...

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    Critique this text convo por favor

    Me: Hey rockstar so what kind of lame pickup lines have guys tried using on you today? Lol

    Her: Odd they were so stupid one one was so into me that they said they couldn't think of a pick up line cuz I'm so beautiful


    Me: Wow..... Personally I'm a big fan of those types of guys because they just make look better. Haha

    Her: True

    Me: Let's have a role reversal here.... I'm the hot chick and you're the needy guy desperate for sex.... What would you say to me to try and pick me up?

    Her: Hey ur hot we should hook up

    Me: Whoa slow down there turbo.... You're moving too fast for me, I need trust and comfort first

    Her: I'll make u comfortable when I'm in that wet tight pussy lol

    Me: I'm a nice boy! You can't just keep texting these dirty things to me

    Her: U started it

    Me: I swear.... You girls only thing about ONE thing

    Her: Uhh said roll switch

    Me: Just once I'd like a girl to like me for my mind and ambition.... Not just for my HUGE hard throbbing cock

    Her: I would cuz I don't a cock

    Me: Send me the dirtiest picture that you have on your phone right now....

    Her: I don't do that

    Me: K.... I will go first. I'm going to send you such a dirty picture get ready

    Her: No thanks

    Me: *picture of a truck covered in mud*
    Me: Told you it was gonna be dirty lol

    Her: Not cool

    Me: Don't reply to me anymore. You take life too seriously.

    That's the end of it... Critique it

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    as usual, this type of text conversation doesnt go anywhere. Im not really sure what you hoped to accomplish. Going sexual via text almost always goes nowhere unless she is absolutely DTF, so unless this is a screening process for you, there really wasnt any point.

    I know there maybe be different opinions on texting, but for me, texting is only for setting up a time and location to meetup or pinging the girl to let her know i havnt lost interest. I may include some light banter but going sexual almost never turns out good unless you can get her to come over directly after or you can come to her to close the deal.

    The only time I would actually do any of what you did is if we have already been hooking up and I want to get her in a sexual mood on my way to her house to fuck her. Doing any of this prior to already hooking up is counter intuitive.

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