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    Slimijs Guest

    Well I have a playlist that I have on quite regulary, and these songs kinda are getting annoying, but I can share some of them with you
    Garth Brooks - Standing outside the fire , if you like country, and even If you don't, this song will pump you up.
    Eminem - Superman , hands down, a great song.
    G-Unit - Wanna get to know ya , the title says it all.
    Lloyd Banks - Karma , this song inspired me to make the karma opener. Kinda comes around, goes around type of song.
    Snoop Dogg - Ain't no fun if homies can't have fun , just listen to the lyrics

  2. Re

    I like "every me and every you" by Placebo. It's from the cruel intentions ost, and really prepares me for the hunt..
    ok now thats just WEIRD...I was listening to that song while I read your post and was just about to say the same thing. It reminds me of sebastien in cruel intentions (favourite film ever).
    Also I like:
    Push it - salt 'n' peppa
    My Humps - BEP (A girl I was with liked to listen to it when we fucked, makes me feel like a PIMP)
    Tip Drill - Nelly (I have the video on my ipod and it is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, really gets me in the mood

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    Motley Crue - Kick start my hearth
    Motley Crue - Live Wire
    Motley Crue - Dr.Feelgood
    Kiss - Detroit rock city
    Kiss - Shout it out loud
    The Darkness - Dinner Lady arms
    The Darkness - Growing on me
    The Darkness - Get your hands of my woman
    The Darkness - I belive in a thing called love..
    and 3 killer songs me and my band made... "We be rocking, welting bottle, satan's hotline"
    well you get the point.. I got alot more that PUMPS ME UPP.. hehe.. but ROCK basically that's like this get me in PARTY MODE... and when I'm in PARTY MODE.. noone can stop me!
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  4. Limp Bizkit-My Generation
    I'm an old fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sophisto
    Girls, Girls, Girls, by Motley Crue - aperently they wrote it in 5 minutes in a strip bar.. HA!HA!
    i fuckin love crue
    the ruled live

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    Waltradomous Guest

    Quote Originally Posted by Sez
    Big L
    Picking up the bitchez like a gangstuh, fa sho... As far as underground hiphop check out Apathy. He's a white guy who just got signed to Atlantic.

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    Black Betty- Ram Jam
    Shook Me all night long-AC DC
    In the End-Linkin Park
    Breaking the Habit-Linkin Park
    Don't Stay-Linkin Park
    Thats about it

  8. Quote Originally Posted by status
    My Humps - BEP (A girl I was with liked to listen to it when we fucked, makes me feel like a PIMP)
    I hate that puts me in the worst mood and if I hear it more than twice at a club, I leave. One girl I was with tried to play it when we were about to get it on and I got up and left. I seriously can't stand that song.
    Songs I do like to listen to before sarging:
    Down with the Sicknes - Disturbed
    Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones
    Sparkle - Phish
    Cassidy - Grateful Dead
    Faint - Linkin Park
    I Know You Rider - anyone playing it

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    Apolllo Guest

    baby Got back always does it for me.

  10. I like my funky vocal house beats, and for those like me I recommend:
    Tom Neville - Buzz Junkie
    Bob Sinclar - Love Generation
    Spork - Freak Like Me
    Antoine Clamaran - Feel it
    Guaranteed every time!


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