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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post

    Izekieal... you been gathering toes for long? Wierdo.
    SHHHH! You're giving away my dark little secret!
    Quote Originally Posted by sigma View Post
    ahhh Vince so cute
    we should put one of those little beenie propellers on you !
    nuff said.


  2. We already knew you were a weirdo.
    Dont complain, it wasnt a secret.

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    I wasn't complainging...
    I'm glad you spelled my name right..
    Did you copy and paste it or sound it out?

  4. I didnt say your name.
    No offence loser

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    Hey! Thanks for playing along..
    but if that's the best you can do..
    I'm gonna go waste my time elsewhere.

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    London... All roads lead to Leeds

    Hey Laxidazekieal... good luck in your time-wasting travels, you're going to go really far in life.
    The further away the better.
    [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Black"]H[/COLOR][COLOR="Red"]a[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkRed"]r[/COLOR][COLOR="Purple"][COLOR="Navy"]l[/COLOR]e[/COLOR][COLOR="Black"]q[/COLOR][COLOR="DarkOrange"]u[/COLOR][COLOR="SeaGreen"]i[/COLOR][COLOR="Black"]n[/COLOR]: Weapon of mass seduction[/SIZE] [/FONT][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"]When you refuse to accept what you cannot change: this is trauma.

    When you decide to change what you cannot accept: this is r[B]evolution[/B].[/CENTER]
    [/SIZE] [/FONT]

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Izekieal View Post
    It must have taken you a long time to put togather that observation. How do you do it? You are WICKED smart!
    Gee thanks!
    You're smart too...I don't know many 28 year olds who know how to spell "together."

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    I don't know many 5 year olds with punctuation quite as great as yours. Are you a scholor?
    I always enjoy your remarks. They're always amusing.
    seriously tho. <3 u all.. for all that you are.

  9. wow, you guys are really good...

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    Guys, guys - this is pitiful. Does anyone have a better neg than the feces I've been slipping on since my last reply? I reckon we need to get some of the female contigent on this 'ere thread to show you all how it's done. I swear, I've never seen such shit negging since VC tried and failed a few replies above me.
    I'm an open target, boys and girls - neg as you see fit.


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