Newly single in NYC. what has worked and what hasn't.

Newly single in NYC. what has worked and what hasn't.

Discuss Newly single in NYC. what has worked and what hasn't. at the NY - New York City Lair within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Newly single in NYC. what has worked and what hasn't. So after a 2 year ...

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    Newly single in NYC. what has worked and what hasn't.

    So after a 2 year ride with a beautiful girl. We decided to break up. Previous to this relationship, i had another 2 year relationship making it 2 long relationships in a row. I never had a hard time meeting girls but i was never that great at approaching them. So now that im back on the scene i needed to get out there and find my old swagger. I had forgotten how to pick up girls. I started by going out and negging. This worked, but as i got drunker, I found myself insulting girls instead. Which isn't that bad because it amused my friends. I then got back into the gym, this gave a renewed confidence. Im a good looking guy, but the last 2 year bent me out of shape, physically and mentally. Once I started showing value with my presence and a smile, it was extremely easy to get numbers.

    Below are some lessons I have recently re-learned.

    1. If she invites you up... Don't think there'll be another time. Go upstairs and do your thing.

    2. If you have a chance to get a number, GET IT! Recently, I met an amazingly hot girl and I told her, I'd see her in a minute and then she vanished.

    3. Be cool with the text messages. Don't overdo them. Be smart about what you are conveying.

    4. Smile. Once I found out that i wasn't smiling... i started. Not that sucker smile one that shows some wit and style. Smiles make girls feel comfortable.

    5. Jokes and stories. Make em laugh and elevate your value.

    6. No Dates. See i knew this one and I learned that hard way. I met up with a girl i met at an party and got some drinks. We had a blast and were making out everywhere. After that, we had a stream of firtting via text messaging and phone calls. Then, we planned to meet up for dinner. We were forced to eat in her neighborhood, due to the weather. We picked a nice restaurant that was very bright. Game killer. The waitress was way too friendly, so i was forced to befriend her. I figured if i could get the waitress to have a crush on me it would make my girl like me more. Unfortunately, it fucked it all up. Oh well. I should have been telling my girl what i wanted to do to her. Direct the attention to my target. Plus, if you want to sleep with a girl take her someplace dark. In addition, if you don't want her as a girlfriend, don't make dinner plans. She probably just wanted to have a physical relationship.

    Never Happen again.

    These are just some thoughts as i am new to the site and the community.


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    Hey, I broke up with my gf about a month ago and am looking for a wingman to meet hot girls with. I'm living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and usually hit up bars in my neighborhood, or LES, or East Village. I'm 23, look older at 6'1" and have intermediate game. I do have the sickest view of the Manhattan cityscape from my apartment, which is an fantastic way to get girls out of the nearby bars and into more intimate environment. Anyway, if you're down, email me at

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