The York (Highland Park)

You've read my rambling about the Edison Bar in downtown L.A.--well, here's my rambling review for The York in Highland Park (L.A. suburb)

This place is a brand new "gastropub", with a high ass hell ceiling, the menus are on 4 giant chalkboards and the food and drinks are dee-lish!!!!

Enough of that. They are open 7 days a week 5pm-2am. The nights that go off are Friday-Saturday, TARGET RICH INDEED! If you're seeing someone, or have a GF I suggest chilling there on a Sunday night.

They have a jukebox, and there is no cover. It's in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, but you wouldn't know it. Lots of white babies up in herr.

I've made it my Sunday night chill spot, knowing one of the owners.

Local peeps, check it out!

-cheez avenger