Want to learn! I learn quick, READ

As the title says, I want to change. Im not gonna talk about my past experiences, but the present. The present SUCKS. Im a young guy who just moved from the Dominican Republic to the NYC. I currently go to Hunter College. DAMN, IVE NEVER MET SO MANY BORING PEOPLES IN MY LIFE! I thought i had id bad in D.R. But over there id go to a party constiently, and the ones me and my friends threw where notorious (Ahhh, the party at 10 am...... but thats a different story)
To make this short, i wanna learn. I want to be a master, i pick up quickly and i know i can LEARN QUICK, with the right guidence. I wish i had all the money to buy tapes and go to seminars but IM A BROKE COLLGE STUDENT! I cant belive it when i sit down, all the stuff i used to do.(Read cool books, party, and martial artist, and a few others that when i look today...... are bad things ) I am an interesting person, but now, its garbage, and i need to change! Please if there is anyone willing to teach, ill do whatever i can! Im not going to beg, but ask for help