A Londoner in NYC for the week!!!:D

Alright lads,

I will be visiting NYC from 23rd Feb until 1st March, staying in Brooklyn.

It would be fantastic if someone is free to go out and talk to women night or day, especially as I won't know how to get around, and which areas are good for women.

What I can bring to the table: a good solid 6 months of experience (with some smashing results!). I also pride myself on having picked up English chicks in London who are notoriously aloof and difficult (strangers never usually converse in London haha). I'll be able to give you my British take on things and hopefully you can give me tips on how to chat up American birds

However, I should warn that I don't read into game all that much and am not a fan of all the stupid terminology floating around. It makes things seem too hard. I'd say I'm more balanced, using techniques every now and again but primarily using my personality. Developing natural game is better. So DON'T PM me if you're the type that's reads all the material but only gets out like once every couple months.

Seeing as people always ask, I'm 20 but don't see how it matters as I don't act like a kid. So I don't discriminate wings based on age. If you're up for a laugh that's plenty good enough for me!