need a season wing,no noobs

im been doing this for 4 to 5 years and at this point in my life i dont need noob wingman.
im sick of helping other guys get laid and never being return the favor. im always contemplating just sarging with naturals i meet in the field as they understand "BRO CODE" better than puas.

i need a veteran wing

i can do high energy clubs/bars or be chill at the bar talking in a normal conversation
mix sets
im really good at joking around and occupy obstacles

all i expect of you is to do the same
i dont need wings telling me to bail on my set when i clearly open the set. wings that run off when their chick is not hot. wtF? i thought you were there to wing...

and my god, be willing to step outside your comfort zone cus i do some crazy shit infield

if you can meet my demands 917 783 1370. otherwise ignore this post. im dead serious

we sarge in manhattan