The Brotherhood ( The best group in NYC )

Hey guys whatís up, Iím Jesse Aka Ted Mosby, me and a few of my friends have started a exclusive group together in New York, to help each other get better with women and in life as well. Weíre just awesome guys and thereís room for a few more deserving people, people that donít give up easy, and win or lose they try. Were known as the Brotherhood.

You donít have to be a Master PUA or anything like that, but that would be great if you were, we have people in all ranges of skill level, the thing we really look for is good people, that we can trust and be friends with, that give and take. Who are going to be active, and make a serious effort to get better in this area of their life, and in life general.

If youíre a good PUA thatís great, we would love to learn from you, if youíre not that good yet thatís ok too, as long as you take it serious and are dedicated, you need to be making a serious effort to get better at this, it's not just about reading PUA material, itís about going out and doing it regularly.

So if youíre in the New York area, you looking for some cool people to hang with and get better with women, please feel free to reply to this or PM me.

Age Requirement - 18 or older
Location Requirement - NY and the surrounding states
Membership - Exclusive
Mind Set - Take this serious and be dedicated
Actively meet up regularly, once a week at least