Looking for intermediate/advanced day time wing

I've been in this for a year and a half so I've grown Internally from positive mentors that have taught me the art of approaching women, the requirement is simple, YOU MUST HAVE NO AA!! I role with strong players and looking to add new people to the bro circle...also no gimmicky pick-up lines...it's important to have a natural normal conversation with a woman, YET going through the emotional progression model, if you are a newbie, please don't respond, TRUST me when I say I'm pretty good at day game especially going with people from the love systems lounge that helped me a lot. Maybe the group can learn from you and vice-versa. A little about myself, I like approaching women direct, but can do indirect the David Wygant way, Soul method has helped me in my game and I thank him for it. I am bullet proof to approach anxiety and am confidence personified. I can keep a conversation flowing like gold going through the emotional and physical progression model with a woman, I have no problem stopping ANY girl I choose whether she is sitting ,standing, in groups, even if all odds are against me I still NEVER flinch....if you feel you quality send me a text 516-366-9141