Looking for wing

For months now I keep telling myself that I need to improve my game again. I've had my reasons why I haven't but I can't put it off any more. Right now, my game pretty much sucks, but this is mainly down to not being proactive. At my peak I was pretty decent and then I got a girlfriend and then after that a bunch of other things in my life happened. I believe that if I apply my self in a short space of time I will get back to when I was at my best and then I will get better than that. But I want this journey with someone else, or a couple of people, that can share the stories, the experiences, the times we bombed, and when we couldn't believe how we managed to pull off that celebrity hook up, and then how we couldn't believe that we ever couldn't... This is all built on mutual respect, where we don't let girls get in the way of each other, and when necessary we don't let each other get in the way of girls. And built on mutually pushing each other.

So hit me up if you are down.