wingman tonight... possibly more..TIME TO TAKE ACTION

hey guys, I have had enough of sitting back
I am going out tonight to a club... ANYONE who wants to come wing with me, come through. My only requirement is that you can open either by yourself or with pushing... I have a couple of great clubs in mind. I am into asian girls but can approach any obviously. My number is 347 264 5022.

Hit me up

ps if tonight is too late or you can't make it no worries just PM me... I do daygame and night game all the time, it just helps to have a wing in field.
if you are a newbie thats no problem... we will learn together...
if you are a pro, great come along and we will learn together too =)
the only thing you should have is that you don't have a judgmental view of people and you can have fun =)